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Content perfectly tailored to your needs

  • Multiple Article Size Selection - Select the exact size
  • Primary Keyword Selection - The topic and theme of the piece
  • Long tail keyword configuration - Add super precision with up to 3 long tail keywords

Keyword Density Check
We don't just write content to fit some magic keyword density. That's keyword stuffing! Google hates it and so do your customers. We write content that is well thought-out, researched and interesting. It is the content that Google is looking to index and your customers are wanting to read. It's not about a magic keyword number. It's about attracting visitors and converting them into customers.

Professional Writing Quality
Our team is not spending half the day searching for their next job. They are spending half the day researching the topic for the next piece of content they will write for you. Our writers know where their next job is coming from so they can stay focused on providing you with the highest of high well thought-out and researched material.

CopyScape Original Content
Don't take our word for it. Trust in CopyScape! CopyScape is the largest and most respected online plagiarism detection service. We check every single article submitted by our writers against CopyScape's massive database. You will not find any similar text anywhere on the internet. We guarantee that all of our content is 100% original and unique.

Double Spell Checked
Spell checked and then checked again. All of our content is double spell checked to ensure accuracy and the quality your customers expect.

Free Editing
Is the content not perfect? Is it in the wrong tone? Is the feel not right for your website? Whatever the reason, simply give our Authors feedback (the more the better) and they will edit your article exactly how you specify giving you the content that your customers will love.

Free Business Listing
Promote your business and services to other business owners. We provide a free public profile where you can add your profile, your business's profile and a description of the services that you provide.

Socially Rated Authors
Everyone of our Authors has a public profile. You can see exactly who they are and most importantly the work they do. Every time a customer accepts an article we ask the customer to leave his/her thoughts about the piece of work. You can view all feedback for all writers. This is just one of the checks and balances we have in place to guarantee you the highest quality content.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% happy customers, 100% of the time is our goal. If for any reason you are unhappy with an article written by one of our team, we will replace it for you and try even harder to make you happy. If the unthinkable happens and you are still not happy with the piece, you'll be welcome to a full refund. We are only happy, when you are happy. That's our guarantee.