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Social Proof

Every time our team of professional writers writes you, and every other customer, a piece of content, we ask that you give the content a rating 1-5 stars and leave a small comment. This gets sent directly to the Author giving them the feedback they need to keep them on track producing high quality content that your customers love.

Public Author Profile

For the world to see

Every one of our professional writers has a public profile so you and the rest of the world can see who exactly are writing for you and where they are from. Click here for a full list of our Authors. In the Authors' public profile, you are also able to see every piece of content* they have written along with the full customer details*, along with their rating and comment of the article. This constant reliable social proof ensures that we only have the best Authors available. It ensures our Authors develop the best content possible and most importantly you receive the finest content for maximum results.

*The full content of the article is not shown that is reserved exclusively for the customer
**Customer Profiles are optional for each customer and can be marked private if you choose