Precise Keyword

When our professional writing team hand-craft content for your website, they don't just write targeted content. They write LASER targeted TRAFFIC MAGNETS.

Our content is the content that Google and your customers love. Fresh, relevant content that is interesting, on topic and tailored to your niche and your keywords. Before we start building your tailor made content, we ask for the primary keyword that you are chasing to drive visitors to your website. This will become the primary theme of the piece. Our writers will then research this theme and craft you some quality unique information.

Google HATES keyword stuffing, your customers HATE keyword stuffing and we HATE keyword stuffing. We do not write content based on some magical keyword density. This might have worked in the past but Google is smart and getting smarter. Trying to trick Google will only get you in hot water. Just play by the rules and do what Google wants. Add quality, interesting content to the internet. The kind of content that searchers are looking for and want to read. A precise keyword density will not get you there. On topic, accurate and interesting content with a natural flow is what your customers want, is what Google is looking for and is what Ardor Content provides.

How do we LASER target your keywords?

You define the topic with your primary keywords. i.e. Blue Ski Boots

Take 1, 2, 3 steps further with 1, 2, 3 additional (optional) long tail keywords with every piece of content

  • Primary Keyword: Blue Ski Boots
  • Long Tail Keyword: Blue Ski Boots with Gold Tri
  • Long Tail Keyword: Colorada Ski boot sale
  • Long Tail Keyword: Where to buy the best ski boots?

Tailor made content that the search engines are looking for and your NEW customers will love!