Boost your online profile. We’ll get the writing done.

Many business owners have no time spreading informative articles online. Perhaps you’re one.

Why so? You are online and you have this big opportunity to promote your website to your potential customers.

Three very possible reasons are:

  • Common reaction- Writing is tedious.
  • Deeper question- Is content really relevant, in terms of SEO (that is, topping search ranks)?
  • Dilemma – ‘If I can’t write for myself, can I trust outsourcing?’

  • With all the multi-tasking that business owners do, many don’t try to inform online visitors often - on their business services, or topics surrounding their services. Sharing information could have been an advantage, as this is an opportunity to expand niches beyond customers used to, as well as top in search engines.

    But is content really important?

    Yes it is!

    More than ever, content should be the first priority in website promotion. If you ever get confused on where to start for Google to recognize your website, it is by providing unique and quality content. Others may say, how about maximizing SEO techniques? Yes, if they are the ethical ways (read further for the story behind), but providing good content should be the first priority. Spammy ways of manipulating SEO are just not good for your website anymore. They can lead your website to more harm than the promise of topping search ranks.

    How did this happen (and penguins, you think they’re cute...)? Historically, search engines understand that the more a website is cited or linked to other pages, the more it is considered relevant. Yet over the past years, because of the widespread practice to manipulate the algorithm of search sites (cheat!) resulting to many spam links/contents and copyright violations, Google has taken rigorous steps in penalizing sites for these practices.

    Penguin update, as Google calls it, now means not just excluding misleading spam sites, but also punishing copyright violators as well. Also, in posting unoriginal content in your website, you are more probable to be identical as everyone else’s, which makes you sink further on search engines. And so in using spam methods, Google can just either penalize or ignore. Penalizing means damaging the rankings; ignoring means wasting time and resources.

    Having Quality Content is good, but will it lead me to higher rankings?

    Aside from the prospect that Google will punish you if you don’t, yes.

    So, this should be by far the most practical and honest advice you’ll get about Search Engine Optimization: If you want to have a website with good rankings, you have to optimize the pages of your website and you have to do it regularly. It doesn’t take overnight to top search engines.

    It is better to substantiate, not just rely on magically tweaking SEO stuff, if you want to build a click-worthy site. Not that SEO techniques are all bad.

    Finding aggressive but shady tactics of SEO may get you great results for a short period, but they can also lead you to longer term problems with search engines.

    If your website is young, it is natural for it to have less rankings, so don’t panic. It is advisable to target less the very competitive keywords (or general keywords) as big players of same niche will pull over the higher rankings for those keywords. It is better, however, to start with utilizing targeted keyword phrases that consist of 3-4 words. They are easier to get high rankings for as well as get higher conversion rates. And the more you acquire rankings, the easier for you to get high rankings for more competitive keywords. Then you can start competing with the big guys for more general keywords.

    In maintaining good SEO in your site, it is also good to have a sense of balance. This is the balance between your on-site and off-site optimization. This means putting content with the right elements and keywords in your webpages (on-site) and other webpages (off-site). For example, it may be easy for you to talk about your business in your website, but you also need to mention it on other sites. Good on-site optimization will enable search engine spiders to easily identify and get access through your different webpages. Good off-site optimization will show search engines that other people like your website or that they find your website relevant.

    A large part of these efforts, by the way, is delivering good content. The point is, content is KING. Information rules. If you don’t post good content in your website or in pages you want to be linked to, you’ll just be a pure salesman that potential customers are trying to run from with their busy day. It is always better to get their interest first and show that you are a website with good authority.

    Second thoughts about outsourcing? Understandable.

    Thinking about outsourcing, it is risky. In purchasing online articles, as much as possible, we’d like to stay away from robot-like systems only designed for massive production, if they mean low quality and non search-friendly articles.

    Besides, who wants to read articles if they don’t feel like they’re, say, passionately written? If we read an article that looks like snippets of information rephrased and rephrased from another one, and results to lack of coherence, we fall asleep. If an article is devoid of an author’s warmth, even if it’s technically proper in terms of grammar, spelling, etc., it won’t be as attractive as those that are unique and written with Ardor. And again, the chance of merely copied content being caught by the search engine police…

    As a reader, you have a say. A good starting question is, do you like the article or not? If you like the article, then there’s a great possibility visitors will be attracted to it too. This is also true when you share content to your potential customers.

    Thus, when you want to outsource articles, it is wise to acquire a cost-effective system that enables you to assess their quality. If you want to have some articles but have no time in doing it, it makes sense to be in a good writing community, where you can keep track of the writers’ quality of work, and more importantly, keep with the rules search engines want you to follow.

    Introducing, Ardor Content

    Did you get it? “An article… won’t be as attractive as those that are unique and written with Ardor.” Well, we didn’t intend it to be subliminal. It just sounds right.

    Introducing, Ardor Content. We have a cost-effective system in producing content and we are not robotic. Why? Because we have a rating system that enables us to maintain high standards. We also give you a chance to tell our writers your comments if you didn’t like the article, so that they’ll have a chance to amend it.

    But that’s not the end why Ardor Content is just right for you.We make sure that we deliver great quality results as you expect and that ordering is worry-free. Our system includes:

  • Plagiarism Check – Plagiarism is a no-no. We have software built to detect plagiarized content. Other than the author rating system, this ensures authenticity of our articles and for us to avoid being punished/spammed by search engines.
  • Author Rating System – We’re your extended hand in creating buzz to online customers. That’s why we make sure we give the best quality articles. Our Author Rating System is one way for us to maintain high standards. With clients like you able to rate the online articles, you will be kept informed on our writers’ quality of work. Other than that, our writers were interviewed and deliberately selected to determine if they have the writing skills to keep up with our standards.
  • Painstakingly Customized Keywords – We advised earlier that if you are just starting to promote your website, it is better to use targeted keyphrases consisting of 3-4 words. Big players tend to dominate more competitive keywords. Nevertheless, it is up to you what keywords to use. Just choose ones that can be friendly for search engines and online visitors. (Hint: choosing keywords can be fun.) The keywords you ordered (also considering your purchased package) will then be developed into interesting articles.
  • Power to Amend – We develop articles of a chosen field according to your ordered keywords. It will be success in our part if you like our output! But if you want some changes, you can send us back your comments. We will work on the amended articles and ensure that we bring good quality results. Otherwise, if the amended article is not accepted, there is payment refund as part of our service.
  • Keyword Density Check – Keywords only go on top of search engines when they are the right keywords and there is a right amount included in your article. Too many keywords can get you spammed; too few can leave you unrecognized. Our software checks if the keyword density is proportionate to the article.
  • Timely Service, Real Time Notifications – To ensure that we meet deadlines in a certain period of time, we allot a number of hours for our writers to work on your articles with ordered keywords. Aside from that, you will receive regular email updates with guides that come handy in maintaining your website’s SEO.
  • Spell Check – A small typo error can make you lose a lot of credibility. As much as possible, the writing output should be double checked. We will make it much more convenient for our writers and you with our spell check software.
  • Cost-Effective – We have a set of packages that you can avail for a low cost…click here to learn more! For an article provider that aims to give you the best quality, we are definitely worth it.
  • Money Back Guaranteed – Our community of writers want to make the best happen for you. We want to be accessible for you and have you rate us in our quality of service. If you don’t like the results, we will give our writers 72 hours to amend your order. If you are still not satisfied, we can guarantee you your payment refund.