That tool to realize your business’ storytelling, what’s that again? Yes, Content Marketing! More and more businesses today understand the importance of content marketing as a tool or strategy of their storytelling, and so it goes… On this side of the web, there’s Ardor Content, which banners mainly written content in making that successful storytelling happen for you and your business.  (By the way Ardor goes beyond written content, but let’s skip that for this post.)

And why not? The content offered by Ardor is probably the most efficient way of skyrocketing your content marketing potentials. On a previous article we did about storytelling, we told you about the different possible forms of storytelling out there and there are a lot! We can describe many of these forms as conventional, glamorous or modern, whether we are looking at TV, books or posters. What we know is that there are many obvious types of storytelling that we can apply for our business.


Yet, if you really want to build a content marketing framework that is truly effective and sustainable, you should not opt for the shiniest. Go back to the basics. Let’s do less visualizing of a content marketing with fancy traditional or conventional ads, like you wish to have a TV advertising slot or costly internet ad. Think of the basic benefits from an efficient content marketing service like Ardor Content.

The basic thought to ponder – the very purpose of content marketing is to inform your customers and simply connect with even more and more customers. Content marketing is there to grow your business, and why wouldn’t you want that? You may be surprised that quality written content does a lot of things.

If you’ve been paying attention to our previous weekly posts, you’d know that great quality written content is a means for you to distribute information on the important communication channels, particularly the internet. Of course content has to be placed on the right online platforms as we don’t want to neglect search optimization considerations. If your content is distributed well,  congratulations then as you’re there in meeting your costumers in the most convenient and accessible of strategies.

The rest of the positive outcomes come simultaneously. Your customer or would-be customer searches the internet and finds content from you, and there are things to anticipate. Quality written content can generally do (one or a combination of) the following:

Educate – Here’s an opportunity for you to build your own grand, comprehensive FAQ, whole web version and one content at a time;

Update – Sharing up-to-date topics about your company helps keep your content fresh and your audience enthusiastic. Examples are sharing on the latest company offers as well as PR activities;

Relay business objectives – It’s the very thing that allows you to touch the lives of your audience. If you let people understand your company’s vision and mission in demonstrative ways, and this includes relating so to their respective lives, you get the biggest chance to earn their trust and thus, get your service;

Serve as teaser to your site – Another important function of quality content put in different online platforms is that they serve as teaser to your business site. That is why it is important to have good content for both on-site (your website) and off-site (other websites) pages.

The Different Levels of Site Content You Should Really Care About

There are different levels of web content that you should examine and see how you’re doing. Do you think you’re doing well as you pass these levels? As we’re for maximizing your content marketing potentials, let’s look at the importance of quality content in your website, and the web overall.


On-Site Pages

Your Homepage – Is the copy of your website’s homepage great? First impressions indeed last in a homepage, so it must be done right. Many site owners even go through lengths to hire the best copywriter and designers to focus on their homepage. The basic elements of the page, including images, text, call-to-action’s and links to other pages should be placed well.

The actual message itself should be well strategized, most of the time only delivered through the right manipulation of text content, otherwise known as the web copy.   The web copy must: be attractive to capture readers, present the service’s objective in brief yet effective way, and be compelling for visitors to want to know more.  The bottomline is that your homepage is your base camp from the huge battle out there.

Mandatory Pages – There are the basic parts in your site that you shouldn’t leave blank, including Terms of use, Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, if you want your website to look credible and to fulfill basic terms and copyrights.  The best websites try to identify the right objectives behind creating the site, and that includes conceptualizing an overall theme of the site, where the basic pages relate well with each other (whether the web design or copy).

(Speaking of setting objectives, before we proceed, do consider targeting your content by putting the right amount of keywords in your pages and optimizing with the best SEO considerations. No need to be overwhelmed, as the goal really is for you to build an efficient and attractive website.  Okay, proceed.)

Service Information Pages – Some pages need to be allotted to present the necessary information about your company and site. Again, identifying objectives and conceptualizing a common theme for your site to be effective is the smartest idea. Service information pages that you should remember to put (as appropriate) are the FAQ page, product pages (can include description & pricing), and pricing (basic prices & special offers) pages.

A good FAQ page (though not required) can make a big difference as here is where you can present all the necessary information about your services. The page’s question and answer format is just for the readers to easily spot information they are looking for. Thus the FAQ should be well organized and have the right flow of ideas.

Product and pricing pages can be separate or in the same page. The important thing is products should be well presented. The more carefully crafted the description and display of each product or service, the better. Pricing must also be clearly presented, as we don’t want our customers end up upset because of shady pricing tactics.

Selling Pages –  This is your website, so this is your opportunity to present best your services or goals. Apart from just giving the basics, like the mandatory website pages, or the basic what’s, who’s and how’s of your business, dedicate some pages for some sales talk. This is your chance to make your website content-rich so you better get creative! Allot content that sell without necessarily making an obvious sales pitch – have informative write-ups or trivia, video content, images, customer testimonials, and more (depends on you)  that will support your service and intrigue your visitors to make them try your service.   If you think about it, this is what big major corporations today do to build their respective content empires.

Remember this though: make sure you plan well as you decide putting these additional pages. Two tips – One, these pages must be put in the appropriate category/categories so as not to confuse your visitors.  Two, that the miscellaneous pages don’t result into ‘cluttery’ content; reader’s won’t appreciate redundant content without clear objectives, especially if it is your company’s main website.


Off-Site Pages

There’s your website, then there’s the whole web. Come to think of it a lot of websites still get to no. 1 of search engines even though the site itself doesn’t look too fancy or even with the most enticing content. (This shouldn’t give you the mindset though that you ignore your website – do the best things for your own site’s optimization and the rest will easily follow.)  This is why here comes the role of the internet marketers to help drive any site to the top. The need for internet marketing may depend on the website – the level of competition it is in, its prominence in a field, and the targeted audience.  This means you may or may not need to put all internet marketing efforts, or anyone for that matter, if your website can easily stand out in your given niche (content-wise especially).

Internet marketing may imply social media, pay per click, content marketing and more. In Ardor, we believe that Content is King. Content marketing involves putting the right amount of content in the best web platforms for content to be property distributed and linked.  These important content snippets we put everywhere are focused solely on attracting search engines. Again, after all the tweaking and bending of SEO principles done just to make a website stand out, delivering the necessary content to the customers is still the best thing to consider.

2 Ways of Getting the Best Content Marketing Services from Ardor


Of course, we don’t end at providing you quality written content. As we aim to realize your best content marketing practices, the services vary depending on what you want from us. You can talk to us to assist you in getting the right content marketing and SEO services.  You can get services from these 2 options:

Ardor Content – Here you can create your own customer account, where you are in full control of ordering your content in your desired amount of articles, length and required keywords. You can provide our writers instructions on the type of content you want them to make and you can be as specific as you can. The key beneath the success in developing your content is that you strategize well – make your own content plan (or content marketing plan) before fully benefiting from the site’s services.

Ardor Media Factory – Ardor Media Factory aims to put clients’ websites at the top of search engines and even complement internet marketing clients by providing the best SEO and content marketing strategies. AMF does not just deliver great quality content as part of its services, as different content marketing techniques including linking, monitoring of sites, putting various content like video, and assistance to clients in educating them to optimizing their site are also part of the service.  Contact us, as we welcome you in telling us your SEO concerns. You can also check Ardor Media Factory’s facebook page. We provide you a whole package of services to multiply your content marketing possibilities in whatever levels of content you may be in.

Good luck in maximizing your website’s content and SEO powers!