Let’s have a corny post about the Ingredients of Great Quality Content. Seriously, you won’t have time to go over if this was another telling you what should be good in writing content, right? Will it ever help if a content is good anyway? There are lots and lots of content out there in the online universe, and would it matter if yours was good? Chances are still dim in terms of competition, with the bulk of content out there.

There is hope and chef Ardor will share you our practice in putting great quality content – this, without compromising other crucial elements in your pursuit towards dominating the online platform.

First, let us help you understand what really is Content Marketing. You’ve probably heard this term over and over again, from us, from other people, from different sites. You probably already get what it is, or not. Let us reinforce your knowledge then. Content Marketing is obviously a business marketing type that upholds Content as its main marketing instrument.

Content Connects More Than You Think.

But content marketing shouldn’t be understood as first impression may tell you. Content Marketing does not just imply you morphing content into different forms as you please to reach people.

Emotional connection? Entertainment? It is more than that – in content marketing, content is used to really sustain people’s information needs. Content is flexed in a way business goals are connected to people’s way of life, the more personal the better.


It is not an issue either of limiting into specific forms of content, because content can serve well in any medium – be it video, pictures or informative articles. It is a matter of meeting people’s content needs wherever they go.

It just so happens that online information is becoming more or most relevant these days. People turn to the internet for a lot of different things and if you are a company who wants to keeps stakeholders informed, you should recognize the value of content in the form of informative articles.

Informative Articles: A Main Course in the Content Menu.

Why informative articles? Informative posts can be as elaborate as needed in a very reliable medium – it’s a body of text. No need to playback to a point of that video to get a message; the eyes can just scroll across the page to review or think about points of information. Information in articles can be laid sequentially as needed and points can even be organized so that the reader just treats the article like a map, only in a nicer form. Loading time and online accessibility are not an issue because texts don’t require large file sizes.

So you see, it’s not just about body of texts thrown everywhere. Great quality articles are an essential information channel that many business websites don’t utilize well. Remember that when a person searches for information about any business, the company that presents good service information in an ideal medium is inevitably perceived as a good choice.

Yet as said earlier, there are lots of online content out there, so why would yours matter? The fact is countless of web content are products of spammy activities, for example, the obsolete method called content farming. Such activities aim to produce content in massive scale in terms of quantity and not really quality. You may already know this and you may also know that Google’s very recent updates aim to practically wipe out poor content.

This gives way to Content Marketing in its real essence. This new type of marketing advocates that information should be successfully distributed to people and that means them actually understanding the message delivered with ease. We believe that content marketing is only that when the actual content is substantial – that it identifies people’s needs, meets those needs, sustains them with even more information that would lead to eventual improvement of lives and improves the online community as a whole. This can only be possible if the content is ensured to be of great quality. No more of those obsolete quantity-focused methods and just start checking grammar for goodness’ sake.

So what constitutes great quality content? Let’s go back to chef Ardor, now brewing the recipe that consists of the ingredients below. The following are the standards looked out for in Ardor Content articles, and should be on your list too.

The Ingredients.

Come to think of it, the “ingredients” cited here are pretty common sense. These factors, however, have been too overlooked in the past, with too much spinning and other spammy activities going on. Other than that, there are other considerations to look out for, centered on meeting readers’ needs.

Grammar Check: Content should be reviewed well in terms of grammar. Observing even simple rules such as Subject-Verbs or Tenses can make a big difference, but then are neglected in a lot of web content. The content writer should be capable in delivering grammatically correct output because it says a lot of his basic writing skills. Meanwhile, having editors to ensure the quality of grammar will be better for a content marketing process. Editors should proofread even the tiniest details like comma or spacing, as the aim really is to deliver professional-looking articles.

Reader-friendly Content: The content is there for no other than the readers. And how would the content gain readers if it has poor readability or is unattractive? Remember that readers have short attention span and have other things to do than take time understanding you. You can only make this possible by: 1) having good grammar construction and 2) as much as possible, putting terms on simplistic contexts. Do away with jargons or hard to grasp concepts if it can be helped. You don’t compromise the quality of your ideas for this though. The point is, while you’d want to present the most important information related to specific field or group of people, you don’t put your readers far-off from your core message and objectives.

Quality Check: It is best if you don’t only have article creators but quality check points for content to be examined from different perspective; in turn, the quality check team ensures that the content produced is indeed great quality. Editors can check not just the grammar, spelling, or readability, editors should also re-check if the writing objectives follow the client’s requirements.

Keywords: They are the primary elements that help content SEO-friendly. Keywords are never ever bad if distributed well, with just the right amount.  As you may know, overusing/overstuffing can harm while underusing keywords are ineffective (to learn more, you can go to our website and Ardor’s other service sites).  Remember short-tail and long-tail keywords – short-tail keywords tend to be more general and popular;  long-tail ones tend to be more specific and have less ranking competition. Meanwhile, badly placed keywords are a turn-off. Make sure your keywords look natural and are not just squeezed in inappropriate parts of the article.

Plagiarism No-No: If all you do is copy content from another site, search engines will figure it out eventually and will harm your site. Never again will you climb to the search engines’ top just because they saw your content as mere paraphrases of another page. To avoid this, make sure to present only well-researched content. To ensure you don’t appear as duplicating, search for plagiarism detection sites, there are even free sites for you to use. Besides, customers trust…remember.

Secret Ingredient: The secret ingredient lies in our writers and that is: creativity. Each writer has his own style and we really don’t have apprehensions with that, as long as writers follow client-prescribed objectives and pass other quality check considerations. Quality check team is there to regulate to make sure that writers indeed deliver good quality output.

More secret ingredients? Some tweaks maybe? Well there’s hypnotizing our writers for Ardor’s Outstanding content, but we’re so not into upsetting Google police. ; )   Really, to learn more of our services and how we can address your needs and become one of our happy customers, read more of our posts featured in our own websites, Ardor Content and Ardor Media Factory; or you can like us in Facebook.

Quality Content Marketing to Get You to Top.

Meanwhile, quantity is not really out of the picture in a Content Marketing process. If you want to achieve a good content marketing process, you would need to produce an appropriate amount of content, perhaps utilize linking activities and other SEO tweaks. If you can accomplish so yourself, congratulations for doing this and recognizing content marketing’s value.

One precaution we have for you is that there will be challenges, like hiring in-house writers or outsourcing online writers can be a daunting and costly task. That’s why Ardor Content with its range of services is ready for you. Content marketing (includes articles, videos and other forms of content) plus search engine ranking and other geeky SEO stuff – that’s the package we have for you!

As what we’ve asked in the first place, how would your good content work if it can’t be found? We want your customers to find you in just a few clicks of the button. Do contact our customer services and we’ll serve a nice Content Marketing package in a platter.