Content marketing is truly a profit-enhancing strategy yet to be maximised by many businesses. While many don’t realise the potentials of content marketing, beyond that is the tragedy of some having misconceptions on how it is effectively done. They simply think that, in Content Marketing:

  • The more content produced the better
  • The more targeted keywords stuffed on the content, the better
  • Any keyword would do, as long as keywords feel right.

And after that, failing to see the direct results content marketing has produced, such aspiring content marketers give up.

Real Talk

Instead of just giving up (or spending more), isn’t the most sensible thing to do is to find out more about this and ask: “Was there anything done wrong along the way?”

Even better questions are: “What are the best practices other businesses do to make them successful?” or (real talk): “Where did they turn to so they can actually succeed in practicing content marketing?”

Best Practices, The Agoda Way

And so let’s take a look at the Best Practices done by our fine friend Matt Canty, who successfully runs the Agoda Website, a website promoting hotels and enables its visitors to book accommodations with the most convenient offers.

What are this Ardor Ranking customer’s best practices? You guessed it right – Content Marketing, and Content Marketing done the right way. With a helping hand from our experts in Ardor Ranking, Matt was able to get support as well as high quality content fast. Within weeks he was able post these high quality contents in high PR sites. These website pages are also an important part as Matt picked the best possible sites where he could utilise his content, putting as well the right titles to call the pages, good quality images, and some link building. These web posts are then linked to his site Agoda.

By the way, “high quality” in a content is being repeated here again and again – we are trying to do away from those old (and even regarded as obsolete) forms of Content Marketing. We are talking about effective content marketing here, which means not merely looking out for the quantity of content posted out there, but the quality – in terms of grammar, keyword utilisation and most importantly, meeting readers’ needs. (For more about high quality content, you may check Ardor Content, where you find content production that meets more than your expectations.)

Back to Agoda’s success. So what else did Matt do? He went to find customers’ needs. This means tracing the behavior of internet users when it comes to looking for services similar to what his site offers. And how does this happen? Simple – get to know Google’s Adsense, if you haven’t heard of this much relied site by SEO practitioners. Here is where you can find the best possible keywords that you can use for your content. Maximise these keywords – this doesn’t equate to overstuffing (putting too many keywords) your site’s content. Put in mind that to harness the full superb powers of any keyword, the keyword should be used well. And with that, MAXIMISING keywords means:

  • Using the keyword in just the appropriate frequency
  • Not positioning the keyword in an awkward position – especially in terms of grammar and flow of ideas.
  • And most importantly, using and ELABORATING the keyword/s APPROPRIATELY. Why? As a business, you are in the lookout for your customers’ possible needs. A customer using a keyword to search the internet not only needs to find content with that specific keyword; the content itself should somehow meet the reader’s expectations by getting sufficient information related to that keyword or phrase.

And so with these smart practices in Content Marketing, look at how Agoda’s ranking go! Up, up and away indeed. Different keywords have ranked the top spots and in turn benefiting no other than the prestigious Agoda website. Agoda doesn’t just rest on the fact that many are already using the website, it continues to discover users’ preferences, and that is by providing the right quality content to the searchers.

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 Lessons Learned

Lessons learned for aspiring content marketers? First, be concerned of the quality of the content you use; don’t underestimate the power of high quality content. Second, keywords should be used just right and that means most importantly utilising them to satisfy readers’ anticipations and critical tastes. And third, get reliable support with just the right price. And who else do we recommend but us? Get to know more about Ardor Ranking and Ardor Content’s services by registering now in our site.