By: Seemab Waleed

Marketing is not a new concept when it comes to the promotion of any venture. It is a tool which supports growth of a business as well as expansion thereof. Lately, the concept of internet marketing has been widely adopted for promotion of all kinds of ventures. Internet advertising depends upon a single element; Article Marketing.

people typingWhat Is Article Marketing?

In the conventional marketing via articles, companies made use of newspapers and magazines to publish their articles that had the potential to increase their publicity and prospective customers. Thereafter, things changed with the advent of internet marketing strategies; it brought with it internet article marketing that opened new horizons for ventures online.

It is an advertising strategy whereby a company promotes its business and tries to attract new customers. Articles about the venture, the company, their products and services, their niche market, their goals, and their abilities are written for providing maximum promotion to that specific area.

These articles are, afterwards, submitted to article directories or content farms.

What is an Article Directory?

Article directories hold the most significant place in internet content marketing. These are huge registers of numberless articles and content regarding each and every niche possible. Business persons can get their articles submitted to such websites in order to get the message to a much wider audience.

Anyone can write for these article directories, most of the times. All that is needed is grammatically correct language skills and unique content. Plagiarized content is strictly shunned by authentic websites; they have a repute to look after which cannot be risked due to plagiarized articles.

Along with the article that has been submitted to an article directory, there is an author box containing details of the writer. Also, it provides information about the author’s business and link to their website. This is where you can expect traffic moving to your website from the article directory.

trafficIncreased Traffic:

How to promote my business? Do you usually ponder about this issue? If you do, then allow me to tell you that the answer lies in article marketing. You can get increased traffic with the help of:

1) Submitting your articles on article directories with back links to your own website. If you have written informative stuff, readers will most probably visit your website (through the back links) to get more information.

2) Attaching relevant tags with your article. This will increase the possibility of higher search engine result ranking.

3) Providing good but not complete information in your article; this will urge readers to visit given link of your website to get whole information.


Article and content marketing is the best strategy to adopt if you want to get maximum traffic to your website, or grab the attention of as many prospective customers for your products/ services as possible. Nonetheless, it is human beings that you are addressing to; they can tell the difference between an informative article and one written only with the purpose of pulling traffic. Therefore, it is equally significant to present educational and beneficial content in your articles; despite the mere intention of targeting customers and attracting traffic.