By: Edwin Sinsona

Submitting your write ups to article submission sites and updating your blog site regularly with informative posts will indeed, cause a positive impact on your site in terms of readership and search engine optimization. This notion leads many internet marketers to take the short cut and get the easiest way to have as many entries as they can, in the shortest span of time possible, we know as – article spinning.

Google Love

Countless of article spinning software programs have flooded the World Wide Web in the past couple of years. Some of which are free software, while many are paid programs, but all of them claim they can make your job easier, save you from the hassles of writing and content marketing, reach your readers while adhering to search engine requirements. Today however, this is no longer applicable.
Yes, content is king, but posting spun articles that are almost unreadable, nonsensical and utterly useless for your readers will hurt both your readership and optimization as well. 
Article spinning may have worked a couple of years ago, but that’s before Google updates, where updates emphasize on the importance of fresh and valuable content. This means only unique content will do. Today, spinning is considered as black hat SEO, which is easily counter productive to your goals. 
Go For White Hat Content Marketing
Article marketing is not about posting as many articles as you can throughout the internet. It is about posting high quality content as often as you can. Here are some reasons why you should stay away from spinning your articles.
It’s About Fresh, Informative and Timely Content
Google’s algorithm is more sophisticated than we ever know, and they claim that they can spot unnatural content. So rather than testing their capabilities, stop trying to cheat Google and go for fresh, compelling, informative, and valuable content for your readers and your search engine ranking. Post your entries to your business website, blogs and article directory sites regularly.
Spun Articles are Low Quality Articlesoriginal
Most spun articles are of low quality than their original version. Because spinning only needs replacement of words with their synonyms and re-arranging phrases and sentences in the paragraph of the original article, it often causes the whole article to mess up in thought and cohesion. This is what makes spun articles really hard to read and comprehend which would obviously hurt your site’s readership; discourage existing readers and drive potential targeted traffic away. 
Spinning Will Hurt You More In The Long Run
Article marketing is composed of three basic options, or should we say platforms: article directories, blog network and your own website. You can have your own guidelines in posting entries in your website and blog, but that’s not enough, as you need to reach more people through article submission sites. However, more and more article directory sites are adhering to Google’s requirements, discouraging and prohibiting spun articles. This leaves you lesser sites to submit your spun articles, which will hurt your article marketing strategy in the long run.
Bottom Line
Internet marketers using article spinning tools and automated article submission tools will always try to convince you they can produce good content in shortest time possible; of course, they’re selling themselves to you. Think twice before you fall for their sales pitch and promises, last thing you want is a bad reputation for your brand in both your readers and the search engine.