By: Priyanka Krishnan

emailMaking an impressive online presence is one of the primary concerns of online marketing. Creation of such a persona starts with getting your business right inside the inbox of your customer. Yes, emailing has been quite a rage since the advent of online marketing. An increasing number of agencies are now involved with emailing ads, soliciting and requesting business to reach out to customers around the world. This has led to a rapid demand to develop relevant content and attract prospective recipients. The task of marketing a commercial message across customers is certainly not a cake walk. However, if email marketing is executed in the right fashion – this task is not going to be as daunting as it looks to be. In fact, it isn’t going to be ‘work’ at all.

Here are three tips to make your customer get interested in your brand and realize the full potential of your message.


Become a publisher

Your baby steps to marketing should begin with determining the nature of your message. Then, according to the genre of your message, design a website that is exclusive and user-friendly. The website should be capable of generating unique, relevant and searchable content that is updated regularly. Remember, the golden rule to be right at the top of search results is “Google loves fresh new content”. It would be great if you could hire a web publisher to get the right professional touch to your website. However, if you are good at designing on your own then, remember to monetize the site by displaying ads. Never ever forget that your site will always be the first source of information and reference that your recipient checks before he or she takes interest in your email.

Content MarketingGoogle Love

What is so new about what you write? This is your first hurdle to making your message a better choice over others. With the advent of social networking sites and other kinds of technology, concise, specific and updated information is the need of the hour. The idea is to acquire, attract and retain customers by creating a marketing format that is eye-catchy and segmented according to the recipient. Organize, specify and attract should be your key words.

Active user engagement 

As soon as one embarks on the journey of email marketing, the first threat to your message or content would be the danger of arriving at the folder marked spam. There is no point in having a high profile marketing campaign if it has zero recipient visibility. This is where you start engaging with your customers with regular surveys, questionnaires in positive and interactive tones. This constant engagement allows you to override the possibility of being lumped with spam. We are no longer in the era of print or television alone. Today, we have access to tech savvy customers who demand much more from their brand. And this much more starts with an effective email marketing campaign that can cement the loyalty of the customer and earn your brand an active position in the web sphere.