(Our Author of the Week: 06/11/14 – 06/18/14)

And here we go again, featuring our Author of the Week! We can’t help it if our authors are awesome week by week.

The author we are featuring caught our eye, making our editors glad with her good ideas and error-free output. We like your articles Reina Lani D., as you make them fun and reader-friendly. Keep this up and with that, you always have room for improvement. Always focus on what the customer wants, follow your requirements and we’d love to see you grow in your own pace as a writer here.

Some of Lani’s work so far:

Leyden: She couldn’t have said it better – PR is very important in a company. PR can make a big difference between businesses that succeed and struggle. In an article, Reina Lani writes for a client who wants to promote his PR firm (and related services). We think Lani did pretty fine on this, relating the client’s expertise and with relevant stories to tell; Lani also elaborates important facts about Digital PR, SEO and Social media. Interesting client, interesting topics discussed.

hotels victoria london: Her article presents a quick guide to London’s best hotels. As she enumerates each hotel, Lani gives basic facts that come handy for readers. What we like more is that she has her way of keeping these details interesting. Good on you Lani. Keep being spontaneous and keep inspired!

accommodation ballarat: How to make a perfect travel article. First, identify readers’ needs. Second, research, research, research. Third, relate interesting facts and show your writing charm. At least that’s how Lani does it in her Ballarat, Australia article. Big thumbs up for that! If we could ask for more, it’s for you to surprise us as you advance your skills as a writer.

To Reina Lani, we look forward for more of your work. You know that you have the flexibility when it comes to working for Ardor. Keep doing the great job and we’d be more than glad you keep delivering content for us!

To our other authors, take as many as you can. We’re waiting! : )