AOTW_Jul 2 2014_Rayan

(Our Author of the Week: 06/25/14 – 07/02/14)

You’ve probably heard about the basic steps of Solving a Problem. While it doesn’t have to rigidly follow, the process should include: Defining A Problem, Analyzing a Problem, Enumerating Possible Options, Analyzing the Options, Selecting the Best Solutions, and if problem’s not solved, Go Back to Step One.

So what’s in it for you? This, in fact, is an important component that you should consider in promoting your business. While sales pitch is great, we believe informing your customers is still better. This means that as you do promotional efforts, be there also to solve problems along with your costumers.

Show that you understand their concerns. This is a very, very good starting point as you present customers the solutions from your business. Think of the cited steps as the anatomy of Problem Solving you’re yet to MAXIMIZE. Ask yourself: “in what ways do I present my business to help customers ‘define, analyze, enumerate, solve’ their problems?” “How do I vividly demonstrate as I play my role in the problem-solving process?”

“How do I start?” is another question. Our answer – pretty predictable. Use us as your instrument in demonstrating your problem solutions! Use Content Marketing. Our representatives are ready to help you out as you discuss your content marketing needs. You can also tell us specifications for your content, with our writers and the rest to gladly develop for you.

And speaking of writers…we certainly do not have problem with our Author of the week, Rayan Anthony B.! In fact, Rayan is great in identifying customers’ needs! Rayan probably knows that he is one smart writer, with his articles that are well analyzed, well informed, and with fascinating details to keep readers interested.

While there will still be room-for-improvement, we love it that Rayan’s articles are ‘functional’. If a reader was looking for a map of information to know deeper of a topic, you can count on Rayan to give smart details!

Some of Rayan’s work that we like:

mobile pizza in Sydney: A delicious feat for the writers! This week writers worked on promoting a mobile pizza company, introducing the company’s unique services. We are satisfied that Rayan in an article detailed not only the tasty menu, but also the function, reachability, and the potentials that the service offers. He targets customers’ needs just right.

luxury dog boarding Brisbane: When we talk about dogs, we can probably talk about everything…adorable! Maybe that’s why an article by Rayan stood out, because it talks about dogs and how they’re pampered, as made convenient by a pet resort in Brisbane, Australia. Rayan elaborates the services well that the article looks like a nice checklist, only more attractive and compelling.

commercial microwave: Here’s the thing about bulky machines, technology, and whatnot: people find it hard to understand them. People really need enough information to do things right when it comes to selecting and operating these stuff. Good thing our authors understand this and do their part well as they shared information about Commercial Microwave Ovens. Commendable Rayan is for doing great on this in an article!

To Rayan, thank you for delivering great quality in your work. Do keep it up and good luck on your future articles. To our other authors, you know that you have flexible options when it comes to Ardor. No pressure, relax and when inspired, write, earn and earn well. : )