AOTW_Apr 16 2014_Eddie Baraka

(Our Author of the Week: 04/09/14 – 04/16/14)

We love all our authors! But we have to admit, we have our favorites. And these are the authors who make content writing look easily fun! For an attractive content, it has to be reader-friendly, it has to be error-free, and it has to stimulate its readers, agree? Attractive content SELLS. And that is what we at Ardor Content are here for…to give you the content marketing service you deserve!

One perfect example is our favorite this week – fun-loving and creative Eddie B., our author of the week! Eddie understands that content writing does not only involve producing a body of text for a site. Eddie gets the best information about a topic, then plays with ideas to make it fun to read. Now that is quality content writing.

Here are some of the nifty work Eddie has recently done:

best mac software: Eddie can easily write and teach readers the differences and technicalities related to Apple and other technology-based products. And this goes the same for our other writers! In one article he wrote, Eddie compares the Snow Leopard, Maverick and Mountain Lion OSX’s, all released by Apple. This may be a too technical discussion for many, but our writers like Eddie can help these informative topics be more reader-friendly for the internet audience.

migration agents Perth: Lost in another place? Let us take care of you then. Would you believe that Ardor writers have helped our customers, as well as our customer’s customers, find their right path? Our customers find the right place in the internet (that is, on top of search engines). Our customer’s customers find the right amount of information they need for specific topics and concerns. Ardor’s services just makes it right for all! Eddie in an article, for example, guides readers on the possible steps to take in finding experts when migrating to Australia. And so with that, customers are clueless no more!

buy pinterest followers: We let social media marketers do their thing! We get more people informed. Eddie did just that as he wrote about the perks of buying Pinterest followers. While some people may say social media marketing is overrated, our content writers help more people find how this type of marketing can actually benefit and be applied to their lives. Do you have statistics that prove your commendable success in social media services? Customer testimonials or experiences you want to share to the whole world? Just indicate any information or link you want us included in the content and we’ll help spread the good news for you.

To Eddie, you’re the man!…at least for this week.:) Keep writing great quality articles for us and you may get the spotlight again. And to our other authors, keep on writing superb content. Who knows, you may be the next It-Author of Ardor Content!