AOTW_Apr 23 2014_Emma Ong'udi

(Our Author of the Week: 04/16/14 – 04/23/14 )

Many studies have showed that storytelling is indeed a powerful tool to communicate with people. Storytelling is the relating of events using different elements, including good sequence of ideas as well as some human perspective. Our authors (and this is not a recent discovery) are good storytellers. They write informative stories about our clients’ businesses, as they reach and create that rainbow connection towards potential customers.

One of them making this happen is our Author of the Week, Emma O… Emma indeed writes well an article that is informative, organized, and interesting that readers will certainly appreciate. Great job Emma!

Gynaecomastia Gold Coast: Plastic surgeons come for our help! Not just because we look good (wink;), but because we can provide clients a greatly innovative content marketing service. Cosmetic business enthusiasts can get our service if they need some business promotion. As we have always said, we can provide internet searchers good information to really understand any service, product innovations, as well address issues such as communication and accessibility. Emma, for example, discusses about Gynaecomastia and other services offered by a plastic surgery company in article. Her article didn’t even have to shout exaggerated claims in describing the services. The article she made simply has enough information a reader needs about the service, not forgetting promotion of the client’s website, an important part for this article.

hotels in Mayfair: The internet audience, humans as they are, love storytelling. Storytelling is an effective means of connecting with people in a personal level. If a business does not want to be seen merely as a cold corporate wall people can’t enter, it has to go beyond presenting abstract business concepts, actually sit down with people and tell a story. It could be any story, it could even be as scientific or as touching as it could get, as long as there is a human aspect to relate with the audience. We at Ardor do this as often as possible. We tell the stories behind the businesses and related concepts we’re promoting. Emma in an article she made about hotels found in Mayfair, London, carefully lays out significant details to help the audience find what they need. Aside from the hard facts that Emma presented, she added some snippets of history, a fascinating aspect to relate for something where commercialism and business and whatnot need to be discussed.

wooden garden bench: What we love about Emma’s articles this week is that details were carefully laid for readers to find the articles fascinating. Treat an article like a map – a well-organized article pleases the reader as he can easily find what he needs; this is also good for SEO purposes. That is why we picked Emma, for her very good organization as well as the fascinating details she puts in her articles, making them good quality content with charm. This she exhibits well in an article she made that brings life to the whimsical yet often disregarded garden furniture. Yes, our writers bring out the best in services like yours.

To Emma, keep showing those superb writing skills! We love it that week after week you’re getting better. May you be happily writing everyday! To our other authors, keep telling great stories, continue giving high quality. : )