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(Our Author of the Week: 07/02/14 – 07/09/14)

Content marketing is no holy pursuit. There are grimes that content creators need to deal with. Obviously, some would ask, are content marketers there to misinform or sensationalize?

That actually depends – if the content producers release false claims about a business just to sell, then there is something wrong. Meanwhile, sensationalizing is not necessarily bad. If sensationalizing means misinformation – exaggerating a product or business’ functions that don’t meet customers’ expectations – then that’s not a good marketing practice. If sensationalizing means heightening the business value by presenting this upfront to the customers to widen attitudes, then hey, maybe content marketing after all is for universe’s good. Enough with definitions or premises for now.

What’s certain though is today, the world’s information system is one-way communication no more. Glitzy advertising like on TV does not work as effectively as before, and may not even do justice for your business, with the growing intelligent consumers. Anyway, this is actually good, especially for businesses often overshadowed by big corporate players. Content marketing can help you adapt to this changing information system and make the most of it. In content marketing, your promotional strategy is more targeted and that means sustaining your cover of services effectively in terms of location, niche and service types offered.

You know what’s really evil? Bad SEO practices and bad content. At Ardor, we do away with black SEO techniques because as you may know, your site gets in danger if caught violating Google or other search engines’ rules. We also do away with bad quality content – if there’s dirt that our writers need to deal with, it’s improving their articles including grammar and attractiveness to pass standards. Lastly, we definitely do away with bad promotional tactics, which means doing away with misinformation in content marketing – no lying, lying is bad. : ) Quality content marketing and good optimization results are what we’re proud of in Ardor.

Meanwhile, who’s been an angel among our authors these days? She’s no other than Madeleine M., our Author of the Week! We know that Madeleine is one smart writer. What we like more is that she is becoming smart and smarter content writer!

This we tell you Madeleine – if you have clear goals in writing your content, there is no stopping you creating superb content! We can see that in your recent work and we congratulate you for that!

Some of Madeleine’s divine work this week:

Best Australian Leads: Well explained! – this is how we’d describe Madeleine’s article about Australian Leads. “Well explained” is in fact a very good compliment – we found Madeleine’s article to have just the right elements needed for even the beginner, to understand an uncommon business concept. If you’re still curious, Madeleine, we’re talking about how you handed out the most necessary information about “Leads” and how you justified your details by providing the right sequence of logic. Not all writers, or your write-ups, are…but for this one, can we say “Perfect”?

Premier Inn London Wembley: Another great write-up! As we’ve said, Madeleine, you still have some few steps to go to be the best content writer you can be, but you’re getting there definitely! Our advice is for you to review your work – you and your great writing instincts will know what room for improvement to fill.

Meanwhile, for Madeleine’s article about Premier Inn Hotel, she presented a no-nonsense, reader-friendly article. To our other writers, take it from her – remember to present the right logical points, to have good readability and most importantly, to target readers’ specific concerns when writing this type of article.

Forex: Great work just like our other writers’! We appreciate it that our writers are doing well for this type of content. Madeleine lays out the right points in a Forex article definitely for readers to ponder. Why’s what’s and how’s were answered well in her article.

Spotlight’s on you angelic Madeleine! To Madeleine, and other writers as well, take time to review your past work. See your progress in terms of your writing and reflect how you can still improve. Let’s have a toast to the great content you are doing!