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The business of article writing is booming. In the last few years hundreds of article writing websites have sprouted. Many people have taken advantage of this  to apply for writing jobs mostly involving article writing. The problem with most of these websites is that they do not demand for quality articles. The internet has therefore become filled with poor quality writers who will work for any amount of money. As a business, if you really want to succeed in content marketing, you must do things differently. This means you should hire writers who are exceptional and highly talented. Whether it is a blog writer or an article rewriter you need to be ready to spend money and time in looking for the best.

Why is quality so important?

Many websites have started taking an approach of any content is good content. Thus their websites and blogs are filled with gibberish articles that are stuffed with keywords. This is very wrong and could have serious impacts on your marketing efforts.

  • No one will want to read low quality content. You will therefore be driving traffic away and thus loose customers.
  • Search engines such as Google use the quality of a website’s content as a major ranking factor. Poor quality will earn you a low ranking.
  • In general you get to lose online visibility and your website loses its appeal and authority.

Look for these qualities in a writer

  • Hardworking and dedicated.
  • Time conscious.
  • Innovative. This means that the writer can even suggest creative marketing ideas.
  • Talented and willing to learn.

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