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When it comes to online marketing, content is king. It is your website’s content that will attract visitors and keep them coming back and this same content also plays a major role in your site’s ranking. Whether you are submitting articles to article directories, posting a marketing video on YouTube or posting a picture on Instagram, all these are forms of content marketing. The most commonly used content marketing method is article marketing. It makes use of articles to engage prospective customers and to increase conversion rates.

In article marketing, one can either buy articles from content writing services or hire writers to write the articles. This form of marketing has several advantages over other forms of content marketing as discussed below.

  • Articles can reach wider market audiences as compared to other forms of content such as videos. While a video will only be posted on YouTube, you can distribute articles to various directories and blogs.
  • More people get to read your articles than the ones who will watch a video or see your picture. Your marketing pictures and videos will most likely get buried under the numerous funny and interesting ones. Articles however will most likely be read by many people.
  • Article marketing is good in building your site’s rank. Whether it is having authoritative content on your site or building backlinks from articles you submit to directories, article marketing can help to push you higher on search engine results.
Eventually however, you may have to combine various internet marketing techniques to achieve good results.
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