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What are some of the best practices in content writing? What role will content marketing play in 2014? How much of your marketing investment should you devote to Article marketing? These are some of many questions that internet marketers are grappling with as they enter a new year with new marketing possibilities and challenges. The truth is that quality content is still a central pillar of many online marketing campaigns. Content will play the key role if you are planning to strengthen your online presence and build a robust profile that brings you more traffic and conversions for your business.

 The new challenge for many new businesses planning to cut a niche in the online marketing sphere is a strategic planning that helps them whizz past many businesses offering similar products and probably using similar online marketing techniques. The differentiating factor will be the content strategy that you will deploy to get a competitive edge over your peers. Here are some five tips that you can incorporate in the content writing to create compelling content that sells:

Don’t talk about the products all the time

While it is tempting to use every bandwidth on the cyberspace to market your products, the best content writing strategy should be aligned to your core mission and business strategy while not necessarily discussing the products and engaging in a blatant marketing pitch. You should focus on the content that simply reinforces your brand and vision without engaging in direct selling. Of course you can alternate these with some marketing content. This way, you can draw on a diversity of content ideas to keep your articles ever fresh and interesting.

 Aligning the content with your values, goals and strategy

This is one of the most difficult parts of the content writing and requires content writers or an article rewriter with a unique understanding of your organisation including your vision and mission.  Check out the company’s strategic plan and values and create consistent content that does not contradict these values, vision and strategic objectives.

 Use content writing to inform and offer fresh perspectives

Finding the unique angle to a topic can be difficult unless you are very well versed with the topic but it is a sure way to add value to your readers and build a great readership. The easier part is providing information. Try to provide something stimulating about your products and the values that you cherish in your organisation. Provide some “pulse” or human factor that makes the reader come alive when reading your content.

 Pay some attention to detail

The trick here is to double-check everything that you have written and proofread to make sure it reads well. Put the pauses in the right places and ensure the grammar and the spelling is perfect. One trick that works is writing and then reading it the following day after you have slept. If it still reads well, then it is really good.

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