An effective way to achieve your presence online, credibility and make good back links to your site is by doing content writing the right way. Good articles are simply about preparation and planning. It also involves writing successive articles that are knowledgeable and well-crafted within your expertise or niche and publishing these writings not just on your site but also in other parts of the internet. So, here are some tips on how to be effective in content writing:

content writingMake It Free

You are not here to sell goods or your services. You are here to promote and offer knowledge and awareness pro bono. This may sound a little odd, but giving away more of your knowledge means a higher chance of receiving more latent businesses. Simply show them your expertise. What you can do and what you’re capable of and watch how your credibility on the internet builds. This is because the more knowledge or ideas you give out for free, the more the audience will look at you as an authority in your field. If they like what you are offering or if you have what they need, they are definitely going to come straight to you.

Use A Striking Title

Make sure your article’s title is eye-catching and appealing. Try using questions for your title like “How To…” or “Why You Should…”. These phrases are good because it makes your readers curious. Lists like “Top Ten…” are also good. Moreover, don’t forget to incorporate your key phrase into your title to maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Exercise Short and Direct Paragraphs

Utilize concise and straight to the point paragraphs and, as much as possible, avoid making paragraphs with more than five lines. You know how internet readers like to scan and skim over the content for keywords or for the best and most useful parts; so, make it easy for yourself and make it simple for your audience to read.

Position Your Key Phrases Purposefully

When it comes to content writing, it is important that your keywords are strategically placed as one of your SEO techniques and to maximize your SEO efforts as well. Place them all throughout the content but make sure that they are well-positioned and that they are not making your sentences ambiguous or boring. This is important so that you and your readers will be on the same page because they can easily understand what you are saying.

Moreover, do not make your content just about your key phrases – let these key phrases and keywords come out naturally and be used logically throughout your article. You can try using keyword tools to look for the most relevant and popular keywords as well as phrases.

Make Use of the Optimum Word Count

Articles with approximately 250 to 1000 words are just the optimum length when it comes to article marketing. If you make it shorter, it will be difficult for you to communicate with your readers and to put up credibility. On the other hand, if you write long ones, you might bore the readers making them stop reading mid-way through your writing. You only need enough words to prove your point.

Choose the Right Topic

Pick topics that are commonly searched for in the web. Just remember that people use the internet to look for solutions to specific problems. Think of possible typical issues and provide a number of solutions and make article questions or even a list of top five or top twenty. When somebody searches for that specific problem and its solution, there is a higher chance that he or she will come across your published article. This is how your choice of topic must be driven.

Contract Out

Outsource and hire one or more individuals for content writing. Make sure they understand what you are looking for in an article and how you want it to be written so that they can make you the high quality contents that you need. Oftentimes, this can save your resources and funds as well as time and keeps new content coming for your site provided that you have enough budget allocated for this type of service.

Do not undermine the significance of content writing simply due to the fact that you don’t have the time, the skill or the confidence. When you have decided to outsource articles and hire professional writers, make certain that they are able, comfortable and confident enough to write about your required topics. Also, pick someone who has better English than you because writing and making articles public through the internet is very important for your exposure and visibility across the internet. The more articles with good quality you post, the more traffic you’ll get and the tougher your online integrity will become. Visit today!