In the past couple of years, article marketing and other forms of content and information distribution have been taking the world by storm. And with the help of social media along with the many rising platforms, it’s not showing any signs of getting anywhere but up. Of course, it is about making good quality content that is important, and good content writing services understand how this works.

Changes in Google’s algorithm leveled the playing field for everybody, and it’s no secret that they emphasize more on quality content now than ever before. What does this mean to you and your business? Simple, it means you have all the chance to compete against the giants in your industry when you make good content. But how do you keep making good content? One simple solution is to hire writers, good writers.

So how do you hire writers that can help your online business? Here are three initial and most important steps:

content writing

Check for background in the initial screening

In your initial screening, choose those applicants with good background in writing, such as bachelor’s degree in English or journalism. Also, applicants with backgrounds in the fields of education, business consulting and even law usually have strong writing skills.

Of course, you need to interview these applicants and review their samples. Look for clarity on how they construct their sentences and paragraphs and take note of spelling and grammatical errors.

Give a trial assignment

After the initial screening, you will most likely have a couple or more good candidates in your desk. The next step is to give these applicants one or two writing assignments. From here, you can gauge how they can fit to your business needs and how they work under time pressure.

If you think you don’t need a writer in your team, then you can also opt to buy content from reputable content writing services companies online.

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