content writerWe have come a long way from times when a business could only market its products in its region. The dawn of the World Wide Web has eliminated most marketing inhibitions; geographical and otherwise. Businesses can now reach and engage prospective customers from anywhere on the globe. This has made marketing targeting and penetration so much easier. At the same time however, there has been increased marketing competition especially on the internet. Companies have had to come up with better marketing techniques so as to stand out. Content marketing is one of these techniques.

Content marketing is a practice that makes use of published content including books, articles and how-to guides to market a certain product or products. This type of marketing is customer-oriented in that it aims at educating the prospective client rather than promoting the product. Most forms of content marketing make use of written content mostly articles. Most businesses hire content writer/writers or use content writing services to create content. Some buy articles that have already been written.

In today’s marketing situation, content marketing has certainly had its impact on businesses. Some of the positive impacts include;

  • Increased online visibility for business websites. This is due to a higher ranking on search engine results pages.
  • A higher traffic is attracted to the site and most importantly the content keeps them there. This creates a wider base of prospective customers.
  • Businesses get a chance to interact with customers in a way that is mutually beneficial.

For these benefits to be experienced, the content used must be high quality and relevant to a certain market group.

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