Because the writing industry is one of the most common and profitable occupations online, finding a content writer for your website is not all that difficult. However, with so many content writers on the Internet, it’s hard to know at first glance who will do the job and who will bail in the middle of a project. Since there are no official standards in writing, just about anybody can declare themselves as a content writer. There are many channels by which you can find a writer for your needs. Below are just a few of them, along with the pros and cons of each method.

content writerFreelancing Sites

There are a lot of freelancing sites on the web. These sites serve as a marketplace where job hunters can look for projects, and clients can post job ads to find potential employees. While it’s very easy to sign up and get an account, most sites have exams and skill tests, by which clients can check which tests a particular freelancer has passed. Aside from content writing, this is also a good place to find an offshore assistant or a web designer for your needs. However, content writing has always been a popular category in major freelancing sites and a lot of website owners actually go to these sites to find potential employees.

The advantage of looking for a writer here is that for every job you post, there will be at least a hundred replies. Competition is stiff in these sites, so if you’re lucky, you might find good writers who will work for a low price. Most sites require clients to set up an account and payment method before they’re able to post anything on the site. Once you do post a job, you’re free to look through bids of potential writers and interview them to see who will fit the job the most. A lot of freelancing sites have feedback systems, so you can check the freelancer’s previous jobs and see what their old clients say about them. This means you get to see which ones will stick throughout the project and deliver great content.


The disadvantage with this is that the process is long and tiring. It’s really difficult to sift through so many applications and in the end, even with the feedback system, you’re not entirely sure if it will work out. Some freelancers ask for upfront payment too, and most clients are weary about this, especially if in the end the writer does not deliver or turns in bad articles.

Private Freelancers

There are forums and other sites on the Internet where you can post a job and interested writers will contact you via email. As with freelancing sites, the recruitment process is tedious, with you having to test and interview the applicants yourself. The downside to this is that these freelancers don’t work under a system, so there’s no way of knowing their work history. If you know of freelancers who used to work for a friend or colleague, then it’s easier to start there because at least you have an inkling what their work ethics are.

Online Content Creation Companies

These are reliable sources for good, quality content. Unlike freelancing sites, these companies have a dedicated team of writers and editors who work together to deliver content. They do most of the work when it comes to screening writers who write for their team so you don’t have to. When you deal with freelancers, you might set it up so that the writer submits work to you and you do the editing and everything else. You may also choose to hire editors and other members of your team who will perform other tasks. When you deal with companies, what you’ll get is the finished product. The articles have already been edited and checked for plagiarism by the time you receive it. If you don’t have much time on your hands, this is the best option for you.

As with anything, you must take care in selecting content creation companies. Ask for feedback from other people who’ve used companies like these in the past. Some offer free samples, while others often give out names of previous clients so you can check out their websites and see their work for yourself. Searching for a content writer is easy, but it is another thing to find a setup that works for you for the long term. In the end, whether you choose a content creation company or an individual writer, it is important to get individuals or teams who will take time to know your business and generate content with your success in mind. For more information, check out