content writerGreat content is the key to successful online business. Whatever the niche that you are operating in, your business will be totally reliant on quality website traffic and conversions. Ardor Content provides the best team of experts to help you meet your content marketing needs and take your site to the Page 1 of the search engine results pages. The content development company has highly professional Content writer with solid experience and a unique understanding of the content industry and is thus able to deliver on your precise content needs. It utilizes a simple interface that content buyers can use to place orders on articles. Ardor Content develops content with purpose and precision allowing you to focus on what you know best while its team of expert writers works with professionalism to deliver on the content needs of your business.

The platform provides content for a great number of users ranging from corporate blogs to eCommerce websites, Content marketing agencies, individual content marketers, SEO marketers, online publishers, affiliate marketers and email marketers amongst others. Here is an overview on how you can use their platform to place orders and buy articles:

Create a free account

You can easily create a free client account and claim your first free article.  Once you have signed up and claimed your free article from one of the professional content writers, you can explore the interface and features before you buy content. There is a helpful and responsive staff to help you every step of the way. You will be required to deposit some funds into the account once you start placing orders for content. You can easily top up your account using PayPal.

Place orders on the platform through the simplest of interfaces

You will be asked a few questions on the content requirements so as to build a brief on your needs which is then passed to Ardor Content’s professional writers for delivery.

Your content development is handled by quality writers

Your order is exposed to a group of qualified writers who have been pre-screened for the task. Interested writers on the platform will then take up the task and deliver your content within the shortest time possible.


Content editing

The content will be taken through a quality control process by the Ardor Content editors who will proofread it and ensure the writers have adhered to your requirements.

Review and Accept the Content

Once your content has been completed, you will receive a notification email informing you of the same. If you are satisfied with the quality of the content, you can accept it quickly through a few clicks.  You can then start using the top quality content to put your business on the roadmap to online success.  If you are unsatisfied with the quality or you feel some instructions have not been properly followed, you can reject the article and append some comments explaining why you have rejected the content. The article will then be re-edited and resubmitted for review until you are satisfied with the quality. With a cutting edge interface, affordable rates, a free article on sign up and some of the most professional content writers in the industry, Ardor Content is clearly the leader when it comes to content development. Check out this website for additional information