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The biggest challenge in article marketing comes in creating adequate content for use in various marketing platforms. Not only does the content have to be adequate, it also has to be quality. Low quality articles can lead to lower site ranking and you may drive traffic away. Creating quality content depends on the skills and competence of the writer. Whereas some websites prefer to buy content, others hire writers to create articles for use in content marketing. Finding a good writer is however a challenge. You have to determine where to hire a writer and how to do it in such a way that ensures you have gotten the best.

Nowadays, there are various places from which you can vet and hire writers for use in article marketing. Freelancing sites are among the most popular sources of writers. These sites have a large pool of writers who have registered. Your work will be posting the requirements of the job and then choosing from the writers who bid on your work. In such cases, you have to look through their portfolios, read past articles and ask for references. It is also advisable to ask for a written sample so that you can gauge the writing qualities.

Another option is to make use of pre-vetted writers. These are writers who work for an article writing service. For such writers you do not have to worry about quality since they have already undergone extensive vetting and testing. We’d love to hear from you visit us at