article rewriterIs article rewriting an ethical practice? Can you rank well from rewritten content? These are some of the questions that many business owners ask when considering varied content marketing options.  Article rewriting is unethical when you steal content and manipulate it into meaningless work using content rewriting software. This will be heavily penalised under the Penguin updates that were rolled out in 2013.  There, however, exist many ethical uses of the rewriting content for which you can hire an Article rewriter.

Polish your website content

Poor content development is one of the main causes of poor rankings. If you have articles on your website that do not adhere to article marketing best practices, chances are high that you will be penalized by a search engine ecosystem that now punishes mediocrity and dirty tricks.  Some of the issues that you can solve with hiring a professional article rewriter include keyword stuffing, poor grammar and spelling mistakes, lack of detail in the content, or the presence of plagiarised content.

Apart from these, the article rewriter can add additional improvements to the articles that you want on your website. For example, you can hire a content rewriter to “improve” your web content articles so as to read well, improve optimisation for the search engines, improve the landing page conversions and many other uses.

Generate high value content

The other acceptable use of an article rewriter is when you lack sufficient ideas to generate valuable content on your own in which case you can borrow ideas and have the content written by a professional copywriter. The article rewriter will develop the content along the same themes but make use of 100% unique words for your website that will generate good conversions.

 Save on time

Instead of spending a large amount of time in developing content themes and researching information from multiple sources, you can simply rework a beautifully done article so as to give your audience informative content that adds value to their experiences. Newspapers do this all the time.

Gain industry credibility

By appearing to constantly churn out very unique, detailed and top quality content, you can easily build credibility in your niche and amongst your regular readers.  Readers will constantly depend on you to deliver highly informative content and unique perspective on the various issues affecting your industry. With the advantage of the professional Ardor Content writing service, you can deliver regular doses of compelling content to your readership.

 Improve your search engine rankings

When you constantly produce top quality rewritten content by a human article rewriter, you are able to saturate the search engines with highly informative and high value articles in your market niche. As a result, numerous bloggers in your particular niche will link to your content and you are able to attain top rankings in the SERPs because this is the type of content that search engines currently need.

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