Article Rewriter

Article rewriting is a form of writing in which the ideas and concepts of an original article are repeated in a second article. The second article however uses different syntax and grammar structure. Basically what you get are two articles that are similar yet unique. In some cases an article rewriter can produce even three rewritten articles from the original one. It is very important not to confuse article rewriting with article spinning in which the article is changed word for word mostly using software.

So why would you need to keep rewriting the same article in a different way but still maintain original ideas? Here are the reasons why:

  • Article marketing requires the use of a lot of content for use in a variety of marketing platforms. With one original article and three rewritten ones you can keep the original one on your site and distribute the others either to blogs or article directories.
  • Allows you to use ‘similar’ articles while still maintaining uniqueness. So even if you submit one of the articles to an article directory and the second article to another directory, you will not be breaking any submission rules on uniqueness.
  • Article rewriting comes in handy when you need to keep writing on a certain popular topic that is in trend without seeming repetitious.

It is important to ensure that the quality of the original article and the rewritten articles remains high. Using an article writing service, you can be provided high quality article rewrites for use in article marketing. We are looking forward to hearing from you, visit our website at