hire writersGood content remains one of the key building blocks of online marketing but is article marketing still relevant to building your online business? Article marketing received some bad rap in the recent years following Google’s blacklisting of some of the content mills that you used to churn out tens of thousands of low quality keyword-rich content to boost rankings in the search engine results pages, SERPs.


These were considered web spam. While the repercussions were grim for online entrepreneurs who had spent years anchoring their online marketing strategy on Article marketing based on the content mills, this was actually a good thing. Google and most search engines are “purifying” the web of substandard content and rewarding the genuine hardworking folks who really put in the work to develop good content that adds value to buyers and the general internet user community.

The goal of article marketing

To go back to the fundamentals, it is important to understand the original goal or intent of article marketing. Keeping true to this will help you scale new heights in your online marketing and make article marketing an integral part of your online marketing strategy.  Article marketing is not aimed at being submitted to multiple websites and creating thousands of links. In the age of Penguin updates, this is considered web spam. The process is actually aimed at promoting your products, disseminating accurate information, building reputation, increasing traffic from other blogs in the same niche, generating quality links and improving your rank in the organic search results in a gradual manner with a long range focus.

Effective article marketing

The key to article marketing success is producing high quality and highly relevant content. Low quality content will not generate traffic even when used on article submissions sites. After all, it is human beings who read and click on links to learn more about your products if they feel content is worth looking over. It is always important to buy content or Hire writers if you feel your copywriting team is not up to par. The cost of content development has been dropping consistently over the years and some companies such as Ardor Content offer free articles when you sign up to use their Content writing platform.

Producing Quality Articles

There are many sources for article ideas. You can read many articles in similar niches so as to build a critical mass of content ideas. You can also use keyword research, social media tools and website informational pages such as the FAQs and the About Us pages.


By using a quality article marketing service for your business, you can be assured of getting writers with a unique understanding of your niche, a critical mass of content ideas with a solid momentum behind them.

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