Ardor SEO

As a website owner, you might have noticed a slight dip in the traffic for your website. But before blaming your SEO company for penalties like Panda or Penguin, check your web content first. Does your site contain duplicate content? Does it lack informational value? Does it contain low-quality links? Is your content over stuffed with keywords? If not, then chances are, search engines like Google are no longer sending traffic to your site or landing page anymore. Ardor SEO can help you be a part of a successful SEO campaign.

Our experts will help you study your content, find the best keywords, optimise these words to get your website on the first page of the search engine results, and drive traffic to your website with different forms of online marketing. Not only that, we could also help you convert those visitors into customers by helping you create good landing pages with call to action buttons that your visitors couldn’t refuse. And we are not just talking about Google, we also monitor Yahoo! and Bing so we got you covered on all major search engines.