Ardor Secure


While keyword research is deemed to be a central part of an SEO service, you must also consider gaining an SSL certificate – one that Ardor Secure can provide for you. We have a dedicated a secure system that can be used to attain your SSL certificate.


Everything is dealt with during the big move, doing a full examination to ensure your site is completely agreeable under HTTPS. Ardor Secure also have a committed improvement team that play out the relocation as smooth as could be expected under the circumstances, ensuring everything is in tip top condition and fully compliable under HTTPS before giving it back to you. We’ll send you reporting throughout the process so you can see your huge jump in rankings as the process moves forward and once the relocation is finished we show you where your site is positioned after the move to HTTPS.

​Getting a SSL certificate can be a long procedure, with loads of escape clauses and issues that can emerge without a specialist investigating your work for you, as there can be shrouded content found in your site. The most ideal route is to get another group to investigate your site to guarantee that your site is 100% secure at all times. Ardor Secure can give you the secure certificate you need and completely exchange your site from HTTP to HTTPS in the blink of an eye.