By: Rabia Shahid

Ever wondered why good applicants seem rare to find? It’s possible you’re not updating your site, to let people see why being employee of a company like yours can be very good for their future. If you don’t have good web content as people check out your site online, it is likely they will look elsewhere.

This is also true for people who are already employees of the company. While they would like to become better informed about possible changes within the company, they may tend to get bored trying to read, for example a link sent by the HR knowing it will only include a long memo.

What People Would Like to See

Whenever people check out websites, they see the usual things that the HR department usually puts like company policies, the vision – mission of the company as well as job vacancies. While these are already normal and still required to be learned by potential employees, why not take it one step further and improve the content that people will see through your website?

Admittedly, it can be hard to put great web content so it would be wise to hire an article writer that can provide article writing services to make your website more established and easier for people to understand.

Some of the things that people would like to see are the following:

  • Precise, straight to the point descriptions of policies or rules that may have changed. No need to explain it over and over again. Make sure that the statements are stated clearly. The employees or potential employees will appreciate that a lot.
  • Interactive learning activities will help people have fun and learn at the same time. The most common thing that HR departments do is make Power Point presentations. While it can break the monotony of work, it can be further improved by making it interactive like having a question and answer quiz wherein the HR can determine if the employees understood the details or not.
  • Videos regarding possible transactions to be dealt with the HR. More often than not, employees become confused with what they should do when they have to sign contracts or take a leave of absence from work. In order to make this clear, there can be videos put up demonstrating how each process can be done. It will make employees and potential employees more confident.
  • List of article directory regarding the different topics that people may be interested about so that they do not have to scope the site from top to bottom to find what they are looking for.

What People Would Like to Do

Since the HR department deals with relations all around the company, it is important that the department is also open to the views and opinions of the employees. Here are just some of the things that you can place on your website in order to make people more active in expressing their thoughts:

  • Answer optional or required surveys regarding an important aspect of the company. If the company is planning to undergo some changes, making a survey that will be answered by different employees will help the company determine if they should push through with the change or not.
  • Give polls that can easily be answered. Since most employees are too busy with their work, polls will help them give their opinion without having to take up so much of their time.
  • Set up an opinion board. When employees want to say something that concerns them, they can easily place their concerns there so that the HR department can address the issue easily.

Why Do This All?

At this point, you may be thinking that the things that can be done to improve web content and the overall visual appearance of the website can entail a lot of hard work. It can be very tedious but it will pay off in the long run because if you think about it, the company is made up of carefully chosen employees who are supposed to make the company so much better. Employee satisfaction will play a huge factor on the amount of work that they can contribute to the company. When you keep your employees satisfied, you can be sure that they will devote more of their time into doing their tasks well to make the company better than ever.

Remember that a well established HR department will also reflect how a company takes care of its employees. If you would like your potential employees to have all the right goods to be part of the company, this is something that should really be worked on.