The Coolest Guy In SEO – The Progress

The man, the myth, the legend – the coolest guy in SEO is now #1 on Google searches!

Coolest Guy SEO

You may have heard about our coolest guy in SEO campaign, well we’ve been successful in hitting the number one spot of searches too, and now we can reveal how we did it.

Day 1 – Making the rank happen

We weren’t sat in a cold dark room planning this devious cunning idea, we just knew the stats. Load up Google Adwords or your favourite keyword research software tool and check out the search volume of your proposed keyword.

Looks can be deceiving…

The keyword research experts will tell you to try and rank for a medium competition keyword right? Well we won’t be the first to tell you that finding medium-level competitive keywords takes an age. Try your luck at the lower ranking keywords and use your keyword knowledge to your advantage. If something is not searched for then it’s a whole lot easier to rank for, but there’s always the greater risk as to who searches for it in the first place: take the risk to rank for a keyword that could prove to be hugely popular in the future. And who knows? The coolest guy in SEO has a huge potential to rank and gain bigger search volume, especially when so many SEO companies will want to know the best and coolest guy in SEO to do business with.

Define: The Coolest Guy in SEO

So we started ranking for this keyword and it’s hundreds of variations, the more chances we get the better right? Then we made lots of content based around those posts; ensure your posts are of a decent quality and readable so that search engines don’t pass it off as a low quality post and thus take action against it.

After a few weeks:

We started seeing results. We changed our slogans and info bars and tweets and content to align with the coolest guy in SEO. It’s important to note that ranking for a keyword does not give guaranteed results overnight, but to get new content indexed in a flash then share your content on Google+; if you make posts on YouTube this also works, as we shared a number of videos using the Coolest Guy in SEO keyword.

2 months later:

We made the top spot! By this point we had varied our content and where we were posting to to see the change in results and it worked. We also tested to see the changes in rank through different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. With Twitter being the goldmine of hashtags it would make sense for it to rank in a different way compared to other ways of ranking, which also then varies between Facebook and LinkedIn. But the key is to be consistent with your quality content and meta descriptions but not to keyword stuff your content as well.

Coolest Guy In SEO

We did it! The Coolest Guy in SEO is rocking!

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