By: James Muthaka

You become successful by doing certain things in a certain way. These are the words I gleaned from a motivational video by the legendary Bob Proctor. There is no place where this statement is more applicable than in the content marketing circle. Currently, everyone is doing the same thing. Focus is now on the marketing and the content is secondary which must never be the case.

There are many dental practices with a presence online in form of websites, blogs, Facebook Pages and many others. The only way that you will elevate your dental practice above the rest is by doing certain things in a certain way. This means that for your content marketing, you will focus on the content and not just the marketing.

It is important to have good quality web content. This is because it is what determines the quality as well as quantity of visitors that you receive. The supremacy of quality content has never been in doubt. Even search engines are now realizing that content is important. They are now rewarding those websites or blogs with quality, engaging content for their visitors. They are rewarding them with higher rankings. Since this is the case it is then prudent for you to optimize the content on the dental practice’s blog or website for humans.

The first step to achieving this is niche identification. You identify the primary niche which in this case is the health niche. Next, you identify the sub-niche or secondary niche which is the dental health niche. The next thing is developing targeted keywords for these niches. Keywords are what search engines use to pick up you website through the content contained in it. You then develop quality engaging content for the dental practice’s website or blog. Many people have a problem with developing quality content. Thus, it is advisable that you engage services of professional internet content providers.

Professional content writing services are good since they will develop great content for you. This content they create won’t be too focused on the marketing but will focus on the client or potential client. Today’s website visitor is so exposed to advertisements and marketing so much that they are blind to them. To avoid this, that is why you should interact first with the potential client and then market later to them after a bit of engagement. This is how you stand out from your peers in the dental care niche.

Once you do this you will have created the notion in the minds of your clients that your dental practice focuses on the clients first. This is unlike your peers who just focus on marketing first and the clients later.

Other ways to increase exposure online is submitting quality articles to article directories. These articles will have engaging content and will have a link back to your website or blog or any other web presence. A good example is to write an article on good dental hygiene practices. At the bottom of the article will be your author bio with links to your practice’s website. You will then submit this article to various article submission sites to increase exposure.

Each member of society is a potential client for the dental practice. In reality you cannot serve the entire country. Thus it is advisable to focus the content marketing efforts on your locality. It is more effective as well as being cheaper. A good way of achieving this is by including keywords plus location. For example dentist in Chicago or dental practice Chicago as your keywords to get visitors from Chicago. This is if you are targeting clients from Chicago for example.

For dental practices, content marketing is the best and cheapest way to promote and build the brand. There are other ways of marketing. For instance you may create a Facebook Page, Twitter account and even Pay per Click marketing campaigns. The common thread in all marketing efforts is that you must have quality content. If you don’t have quality content your visitor bounce rate will be high. Having a high bounce rate will mean that the search engines will penalize you with lower rankings.

Having good quality content will engage clients and provide value to them. The search engines will reward you with better rankings and you get more clients. At the end of the day; your clients, the search engines and you the dentist are all satisfied.

The most important thing to note is that we can never overemphasize the importance of quality content. It is the only thing that will bring you quality, targeted clients. The tips and procedures discussed here are not only applicable just to a dental practice. They are applicable to any business with an online presence.