AOTW_Jun 4 2014_Selina Liyenzero

(Our Author of the Week: 05/28/14 – 06/04/14)

Promotions, promotions, what is content marketing but promotions. You see, content marketing is more than that! Content marketing is giving online visitors the adequate information they need about a product or service such as yours.

It’s giving your potential clients what they need, for real. In content marketing, you present to your customers the pros and cons of anything related to your services. The space is yours as you establish benefits involved and break myths related to your services. This is, of course, with the help of well -researched information. The trick is getting the right skilled writers to make the right content possible.

You present customers their choices, vividly demonstrate challenges or contexts, and most importantly, let them see the bigger picture when it comes to you. This is because you should be proud of your business! You should tell the world your business’ value and why you believe in it. With Ardor’s team, the craft of content marketing wouldn’t be too hard. Leave it to our talented pool of writers and marketers for the high quality content to give your business the right kick.

And the author we’re glad to feature this week is … drum rolls… Selina L.! What we love about Selina’s work? It’s the way she puts the deets in her content! Selina proves she’s one smart Ardor author by elaborating information well in her articles, and making them well-constructed. Give Selina a topic, and she’ll show you how she can be well versed with it! While Selina’s work has yet to be perfected and heck, no one is perfect as the adage goes… we appreciate Selina’s dedication that in many ways make our editors happy. To Selina, here you go! This week’s spotlight is on you. Congratulations!

The following are some of Selina’s notable work:

network marketing leads: What is MLM leads? Why MLM leads? Through our authors we present customers the right information when it comes to that. Since Ardor was established, we’ve been collaborating with other internet marketing companies in making their efforts a success. One perfect example is writing for an MLM Leads company where writers, like Selina, get into the nitty gritties of MLM leads and make information easily understandable for indecisive readers.

Content Marketing Australia: Selina takes it one statement at a time. While informative in her articles, Selina maintains her readers’ interest. Our writers indeed have different styles and we appreciate this. The whole Ardor team is here to check the quality of content and sees to it that the content is appropriate, error-free and attractive. We can see that in an article Selina wrote about content marketing.

how to trade forex: So here’s the thing, some topics to deal when it comes to content marketing seem to be complicated. It is either the subject is something far-off from the online users’ life or that they only rely on the latest updates they see on the web, information distributed from big corporations – media or otherwise. The good news is that in Ardor, we can make topics relevant to your business optimized in search engines. That means we can help you make the best out of keywords and relate them in the content. For example, in a subject about Trading Forex, we’ve put keywords about significant people of the trade and related them to the more general subject itself. We can put as well other relevant little details such as location for your keywords. The key in content marketing is establishing the trust to your brand as you so deserve.

To Selina, great job! A little tweak here and there and with your smart ideas, we know you’re on your way to “perfection”. Just keep on doing what you do and follow our editors’ tips… great quality is something we know you can do well. And to our other authors, editors are watching, editors are spies – and it might you who’ll be the author we’ll feature next week. : )