By: Paul Froilan Garma

Competence in English has become an edge in this borderless world.  People across the world from various fields impose a minimum requirement for prospective employees to demonstrate competence in using English as medium in writing and speaking. There has been a worldwide consensus that English is being dubbed as a lingua franca or the language that is used as “a common means of communication for speakers of different first languages.” Hence, majority of academic institutions advocate the mastery of English language.

Recently, online English tutorial has gained prominence. Through this business, qualified instructors trained in English as a medium of instruction or native English speakers coach and mentor their students to hone up their skills in writing and speaking English using online video chatting as a teaching platform. The advantage of this business is that it customizes the students’ needs, and personalizes the learning experience being conducted at home, in their own time and speed.

 Investing on a quality website content

As a business developer of an English tutorial company, the start-off is how to sell your business, and attract students and customers. In a study conducted by eMarketer in 2011, content marketing is a critical element in propagating a business. Data shows that 73% of US companies use content they create in social media campaigns.

Indeed, website content is a powerful tool to make or break your English tutorial company. Creating effective, breakthrough advertising scheme through a website content requires delicate strategic planning as initial impression of your customers may affect how they patronize the service.  Branding your business through website content introduces the distinctness of your service, and create your own niche in the business industry. The content should fundamentally answer, what keeps it apart and stand out from other business related to your product?

Marketers rely heavily on magnetic content, that is something created on behalf of a product that consumers have a long-lasting impact. The content launched through various advertising platforms such as websites should attract customers. So aside from using content as a predictor in the success of your English tutorial service, what other benefits can be gleaned from a quality website content?

First, as a marketing strategy, branding the content of your product online can reach wider audience, and promote your business to different avenues. It is relatively cost-efficient and cost-effective as compared to traditional advertisement modes.

Furthermore, a quality website content assists you in maintaining a positive image of your service. Emphasizing a cadre of well-trained English instructors or native speakers give your prospective customers an idea on the integrity and competence of your English tutorial service. Developing a user-friendly and customer-oriented atmosphere gives your students the liberty and convenience in mastering English.

Launching website content can also personalize your service regularly. You can have full control on the company as you can navigate and update the services anytime and anywhere at the tip of your fingers! However, invest on security issues as hackers may invade your website, and alter the profile content of your company that can be disastrous to prospective customers visiting your website.

So take time to ponder on how to sell your ideas/service through branding website content. Remember, a worthwhile website content can gauge the progress of your business. The content should magnify your product’s uniqueness, highlight its edge over your competitors, and be of high quality.

What makes a quality content?

The magic word is quality! In the outset, there is a need to develop and refine website content that projects a positive image of your business. The content should clearly reflect the one of a kind service you offer and added customer-focused orientation. Aside from investing on an appealing and attractive website lay-out, the marketing content should succinctly outlines how your product or service is far different from your competitors.

eMarketer (2011) recommends that quality content is  something that is unique, useful, well executed, fun and maximizes the channel it uses either through social networking, video or mobile. In setting up an English tutorial website content, highlight a caliber of trained English instructors, user-friendly platform and customized services where your students can freely air their needs and complaints. Developing a business atmosphere that is caring and compassionate can bring out a long-lasting and satisfying bond between you and your customers.

So what are you doing? Gather your resources now for a bright future awaits you in an English tutorial business!