By: Andrea Macalino

Like many businesses today, the child care industry depends on the Internet. If you’re still struggling with the idea of your business in child care having an online presence though, there’s no need to play hide-and-seek. Just remember that much like face-to-face business dealings, maintaining an online presence is all about projecting the ideals and quality of the service you want to offer to the people who might need it.

Once you get to know the basics, keeping a child care services website just might feel less like work and more like fun!

Play it up

Think of your website as your online vision board. As someone in the child care business, how do you want your clients to envision your business? For instance, if you want to be known as a group of fun-loving and hip child care professionals, you may want to have one striking color theme on your website. Remember, any design, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm your web visitors the way long arithmetic scares children, will encourage prospective clients to do business with you.

Get in the Game

Keeping your vision in mind doesn’t end there. The next step is for you to think of your web content like it’s Play-Doh: mold it in the shape you think will be best attractive to the niche of parents you’re targeting.

If words aren’t your strong point, never fear! You can always hire a web content writer or two, depending on how much you want your web presence to figure in your business. Finding content service is relatively easy, as many capable students or working individuals usually look for extra income by way of freelancing jobs.

Of course, hiring someone to do your website’s article writing is still only an initial step in the hopscotch of distinguishing your child care services. One of the first things you have to clarify with your writer will be the language and tone he or she should use, depending on who your market segment is and the services you’re willing to offer them.

At this point you might think that an online writer should immediately know the do’s and don’ts of writing for a business. The truth, however, is that before you talk to your online writer(s), you should review where you stand as a business.

For example, are you and your group of child care providers interested in being mildly exclusive? If so, you might consider stressing to potential clients that you’ll be using a facility to cater their children. Perhaps you’ll even maintain a  limit on the number of children you’ll take on at any given time, to make sure that there are always more child care providers at hand than kids.

It’s considerations like this that you and your web content writer have to talk about. After all, your writer needs to be familiar with SEO content. Simply put, SEO is a way of using a standard set of keywords to help organize the content of your website so that when someone uses a search engine like Google to look for something related to your business (in this care, child care providers), your website has more chances of showing up as one of the top results.

Let’s play a game and imagine a scenario. As a child care service website, your set of keywords might revolve around “daycare” “in-home”, or even “early education”. Again, your keywords should depend on what kind of parent-child situations you’re aiming for. If you’re targeting a niche of parents who want their children not only watched over but also taught simple lessons like nursery rhymes or reading skills, then it’s advisable for your content writer to avoid words such as “babysitter” or nanny.” Now imagine all the parents who are concerned about their child’s early education eagerly going through your website content writing!

Dressing Up

Also consider how open you want to be about the child care providers that carry your brand. It’s always good to consider that since you’re dealing with parents, safety is always a concern. It might be a good idea to consider having a page on your website that has a summarized CV of each of your employees and which highlight their education, professional background, and brief recommendations from previous clients.

From there, think of how you can use your online presence to update parents. Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to focus your business on parents who are always in transit but who want to check in on their kids regularly. In this case, you might want to include Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook widgets on your website, so that parents can see snapshots of their children throughout the day. Not only is this a fun activity for you and your business, it’s also a way of showing transparency to your clients. Also note that by using social media, you open yourself to a specific class of parents who are Internet-savvy.

Be the Talk of the Playground

Once you’ve started putting your energy and resources into your online content, keep the ball rolling with brand recognition and recall. After all, you wouldn’t want your web visitors to forget you after one visit to your website!

A good way to do this is to maintain an online presence across other networks. To capitalize on the Internet, you can upload short animated advertisements on YouTube (make sure your logo is always visible) and even maintain a LinkedIn profile for your business. On one hand you can target young parents or single moms and dads with fun videos that will encourage them that your child care services will ensure both happiness and security for their children, and on the other, you can assure fellow entrepreneurial parents that you know how to run a business. As always, knowing your target market will guide any decision not only on writing web content, but also on your other accounts and activities online.

What’s more, you can incorporate your presence on other social networks into your website. Simply make sure that your article directory has content that promotes your other business-affiliated activities on the Internet. Make sure your article writer has a corresponding feature piece every time you upload something on YouTube or have a new child care provider on your team. Some article marketing services might even suggest an optimal frequency of posts so that the online writing on your website doesn’t bombard current clients with too many announcements.

Tricks of the Trade

More importantly, make sure that all the FAQ’s and other important announcements can be found easily on a list of article directory, as this will make it easier not just for prospective clients but also for you and your writers. This is also essential in establishing what kind of relationship you encourage between the children given under your care and the child care service providers under your employ. Make sure you have pieces in your top article directory that specify the exclusion of any of your employees from any family problems, for instance. You can also state the difference in rates especially when parents are late in picking up their children.

Now remember, this is just a list of basic options for you to consider once you’ve decided what kind of image you want your business to have. From there, it’ll be much easier to envision and profile your target market. Whenever you’re in doubt about handling your business in child care services, simply recall your vision board, take a deep breath, and like the kids you come in contact with every day, smile and have fun!