Mr. Kris Reid – Being The Coolest Guy in SEO

#CoolestGuyinSEO is a big hit with Ardor Content!

How to be the Coolest Guy in SEO

We caught up with Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, on how he claimed his title and what’s it done for both his company’s brand recognition and his own image.

What’s it like being referred to as the coolest guy in SEO?
It’s insane. I feel like I have an alter ego I can revert to if I feel I want to diversify, but really it has boosted my image tenfold and sent my customer list nearly through the roof which is a great sign that things are looking up.

What does it take to be the coolest guy in SEO?
I live a varied lifestyle. I’m a dedicated software engineer at heart but I also built the Ardor Content family and the company I’m happy to call my own. I also take pride in our team of writers who produce the highest quality content for the websites and businesses that work with us. Being unique, showing you know your stuff and have an interesting story to tell normally classes you as a cool dude, but even more so when you know about SEO, and thus the coolest guy in SEO campaign began.

How did you get your name out there?
The short answer is promotion. 80% of our time is spent on promoting our content as much as humanly possible and it’s working in our favour now that the results are being seen widely. The more you share the more awareness you’re going to get, which is a no-brainer in itself, but ensuring that the content is good is also an element to our coolest guy in SEO campaign. We wrote content that matches the coolest guy aesthetic and it has delivered.

What’s your favourite part about being the coolest guy in SEO?
Just getting called it is a nice gesture! When I perform well at my job and produce the results I want I like to look and think about how successful and cool I really am, and it makes me proud to have such a title under my belt and I also feel grateful to share it with my customers. When they appreciate the work I do then I know I can be called the coolest guy in SEO.

Coolest Guy SEO

Finally, do you think you will rank yourself as the coolest guy to the number 1 spot?
If I didn’t then I don’t think I could be classed as the coolest SEO guy! We will get to that number 1 spot when we get more terms down and explore our options, but our top priority is making our products sell and showing our services are the best around in the SEO world. I’ll still be the coolest guy in SEO if I achieve my business goals!

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