By: Lorencio Paolo Lagman


Website development is probably the most in-demand online job there is. Because of the skill and patience needed to create good websites, programmers from all over the world get paid very handsomely for doing the necessary development to firmly establish the online presence of many. But even the most perfectly developed website would be rendered useless without some high quality content filling up every page. This is where the help of a good article writer comes into play.


Though some would disagree, website content writing is just as important as the website development itself. Yes, it’s true that the latter requires a lot more technical savvy than the former but that doesn’t mean it is far less vital. The job of an article writer is equally crucial to that of a website developer since a website MUST have content otherwise it ends up being a huge waste of time to anyone who visits it. If the programmer is responsible for giving style to the website, then the article writer is the one who brings in the substance. Doing the necessary website content writing helps the website gain more traffic and, ultimately, make more money.


Just like being an adept website developer, there are things one must display to become a reliable freelance article writer. Following these basic steps below are guaranteed to help you jumpstart a career in website content writing.


Be a master of the English language


Unless a particular client requires otherwise, most jobs that involve website content writing seek individuals who can write in English. It is a well-known fact that English is the universal language and knowing how to communicate in English is the key to breaking any sort of language barrier.  This means that a good article writer must be a good English communicator while also following important rules to properly use the language. These include – but are not limited to – using correct grammar, observing proper sentence construction and maintaining correct spelling. Having a wide vocabulary is also a major advantage.


Be familiar with the different types of articles


Having a ton of articles all written the same way can bore just about any reader – which is why knowing how to write website content in a variety of ways can truly make you a good freelance article writer.  Being able to tell the difference between an Ezine, a Press Release or a Squidoo is the ticket to learning how to write them. Additionally, knowing other styles outside of the aforementioned three can definitely help improve the way you write faster than you realize.


Be a wide reader


A person who reads habitually becomes a good article writer eventually. This means that in order for you to maximize your potential as a freelance article writer, you must constantly sharpen your skills. Reading is an excellent form of training that helps exercise your brain even during your idle moments. Reading also helps you do website content writing better since it widens your vocabulary while also teaching you various methods of writing that playing Candy Crush would not be able to.