By: Deepti Patwardhan

The fitness industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world. In USA alone it is worth $27 billion and growing at an annual rate of 2.3%. Latest studies show it will grow to an estimated $16.7 billion in India by 2015.

The size of the enterprise means everyone: from gym franchises to celebrity trainers and entrepreneurs vie for a share of the same pie.

You need an edge to thrive in this competitive environment, where traditional forms of marketing are just not cutting it. Get active on the Internet: quality online content might just be your solution. It’s cheap, free if you prefer, and helps you get the word out, just how you want it.

Break the ice

As any trainer would tell you, the first step to fitness is always the most difficult.

For most people thinking of picking up a healthy lifestyle, or looking for health clubs, gymnasiums or other avenues, the Internet has become the primary source of information. Not only are they still unsure of venturing out, but also that most of them are afflicted with reserve mostly brought on by their body image. The web, and the anonymity it affords, is the perfect place for them to test the waters. The medium will let you break the ice; good content will bait them in.

Forums, newsletters and blogs provide an excellent platform for you not only to disburse information and ideas and interact with you current and prospective clients, but they also let you set the tone of your business and your personality. Are you sympathetic? Are you different from the rest? Most importantly, do you possess the knowledge that will help them achieve their goals? Answer these and you will have them hooked.

Guide through the maze

How many times have you seen popular websites do a myth vs. fact feature on fitness? How many times have you seen it reversed? It’s a jungle of information out there. The sheer volume of studies and expert opinions propounded and the accessibility of web content has also led to confusion and contradiction. How do you help them navigate this constant stream of information?

Going online, you have all the space in the world to lay out your ideas; explain them in detail and back it up with real-life examples. Keep article directories and provide hyperlinks to make them stay longer on your website and display a range of knowledge. This will help establish your credibility. Make you stand out from the rest.

If you are not as good with words as you are with weights, hire professional writing services to give you the edge. Trained to write for a target audience, they can help you get the message across better.  Having relevant, well-crafted online posts are also key in prolonging their life on the social media: platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Get trendy

There is always some fitness regimen or diet that is in vogue at any given time. Use it, write on it, whether you want to endorse it or debunk it. Why? Three words: seo content writing.

Search engines operate by keywords, and by writing on the latest trends in the industry, you will increase your chance of being spotted. That is your window of opportunity to reach out to a far greater audience. After all, the Internet regularly caters to passive readers, especially when it comes to a universal subject like health or fitness. If you offer online consultation services the world could truly be your stage.