By: Kamille Phoebe Enriquez

Research shows that the number of tourists travelling the world internationally increased an additional 52 million in 2013; more than half of this number do their research and set arrangements and reservations online. Having the perspective of what to see and where to go in an entirely new environment is incredibly convenient for consumers who have a knack for travel.

Putting up a successful business brand takes a lot of effort, creativity and hard work. When people think about travelling you would want them to think of your company first in helping them make their plans possible.

There are factors to be considered in establishing the travel business, one of which is the target market or the people whose attention you would want to catch. Customer taste varies from one person to another. There are those who want to have a first class accommodation and those who want to experience the locality of the city they will be visiting.

Creating a variation of promos that include adventure packages or tour packages as well as flexible prizes can become one of the business’ strength. The more options the company provides and the more they fit the customer’s taste or budget, the more the people see how good your company is as their partner for life.

Digital Buzz, a blog that features the latest digital trend in the world, presented an info graphic in relation to mobile growth in 2013. Their research shows that 91% of the world’s population now owns a mobile phone, 50% of those who have one use their mobile phones as their number one internet source, and 80% of their time is spent in phone apps.

Mobile phones are becoming an effective channel for marketing. Crafting a market around mobile phones is a great investment and constructing strategies for advertisement will take your company a step closer to success.

What other way to build a connection with consumers or potential customers than the use of social media. Using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and other significant social media platforms will benefit both sides of the coin, as when your social media site gains a follower,  your company gains a potential customer.

Launching a travel business online requires exceptional web content, everything from pictures to getting a 50% discount or promos should be in high definition. Content is the very core of business marketing online. It is very important that the content helps entice the customers to visit this particular site. For instance, posting a photo where one look and they’ll think “I want to be there” or much better if they already see themselves as part of the photo itself doing a peace sign. On top of that, helping them get a first class accommodation with a cheaper price increases the number of patrons significantly.

SEO content writing is a vital part of a business’ marketing online. It allows not just in improving the content of the website but also gives opportunity for consumers to get more information, ask questions and submit their own article about the experience they had while travelling.

If you ask some people what they want to do in life, many would say they want to travel. Make your business a good start in making their dreams come true.