By: Daniel Lissett

This article is directed at companies that operate in the music industry, specifically online music journalism sites. Similar established sites would include Rolling Stone and NME magazine.

The first step to establishing your online web site is to determine who you intend your target market or your audience to be. This is really crucial since it influences everything you do with your site and your business going forward. It’s the building blocks of establishing a credible brand and will determine the appropriate content for your site.

In the case of the online music magazine you need to look at every aspect of your music market. This includes the profile of a typical site visitor. This covers sex, age, lifestyle preferences, socioeconomic background (low disposable income versus high, university educated versus high school educated). In the case of the music industry it encompasses lifestyle factors and many other social issues some controversial, which are sung openly about in today’s music industry.

As an online music site you need to have your finger on the pulse on all of the above issues. You need colours that reflect youth, creative design to symbolise the creative nature of the music and entertainment industries. A bland, stark corporate site will not work for this audience nor will an online music magazine that does not broach controversial issues be respected!

The savvy Content Writer writing on behalf of the online music journalism & news site will be aware of lingo, appropriate graphics, design, even text font that will appeal the most to your online music news fans. In the music industry with its high level of creativity and creative-minded people, the design of the site and writing in a language that makes sense to them and written with some emotion but credibly is really important.

Usually a Content Writer is employed either by the company or more commonly hired on a freelance basis to give your music web site the flavour and design it needs. It will then resonate powerfully with your audience. There are Content Writing Services that can provide you with the exact writers who will write the content that fits the unique business and social needs of your site.

When you establish a site which shows you have knowledge about the music industry, has content written by creative content writers, you gain the interest, then the trust with a music follower. The music fan or follower “gets you”. You have become a credible, reliable source of information on all things relating to the music scene.

Tactical ways to build up content include exclusive interviews with musicians and rock stars, both current and upcoming. Also always make sure you are the first to cover breaking music news, gossip on band break-ups, tours, anything really. This is what diehard music fans crave, not what they hear and read about on the front of national daily news sites! Add to this a fully integrated linking in with all the main social media sharing sites and you have a fine tuned instrument for success! Short but informative articles on highly topical society issues are also a hit as more and more young music fans have strong social and political views.

Now you have established your online music magazine site, you need to think about getting it more exposure than just the site itself. Where will site visitors come from? Link in with those sites or form partnerships with the sites that that your site visitors also visit.

Get more site visits by posting your website and a brief explanation on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. Establish a Facebook and Twitter branded page for your site and post updates regularly. Offer competitions and hold polls on music topics on Facebook. Don’t let your site be a one- off, “Like” in the way so many brands, a one off tick of approval by a fan or an approver. What you want is long-term customer involvement and this is achieved by an ongoing, regular online conversation.

The next stage of building your online business is building your brand presence. Brands go from a stage of being unknown to known, from impartial to gradually gaining brand preference.

There are many ways to do this but one of the major ways is to get employ the services of a Content Writing Services company. They will not only provide you with quality articles but articles that have high SEO relevance your company and industry. People who are going to want and use your product or services are going to be directed to your site by search engines due to content that is highly relevant to your potential target audience.

As mentioned earlier, establishing an online music magazine brand spans the whole spectrum of a person’s profile. That includes their sex, age, lifestyle, subculture; attitudes to major social issues and even political views. The music industry is layered with logos, symbolism, hip phrases and so the site must reflect this to maintain a match with the values and lingo (slang even) of the audience and target market, music fans and followers, often young people who are passionate about their music!

The content that employed Freelance Article Writers produce for a music journalism site must reflect all of the above and more! The content marketing industry is a huge growing industry that can ensure the success of your online brand and business. Content Writers pay close attention to what your audience is seeking, writing about topics that are “hot”, throwing in new “wow” factor news every now and then plus information to keep the site exciting. Consumers today including music fans are always on the lookout for the next surprise, the next new thing. Content Writing Services hire out Content Writers that are well worth the investment to continually provide, well-written, quality, relevant and entertaining content for your growing audience and brand. They are invaluable in creating the appropriate tone, communication style and sense of expectation that the growing audience comes to expect from your brand.

Following on from all of this it is obvious that the content of your business site ultimately determines its success. In turn, these days it is the success of an online business that decides the overall success of the business. That is why you must get your content objectives and strategy right from the start.

You need to decide who your audience is, what message you want to convey to them and then how you are tactically in practice achieve this. What communication strategies and vehicles (media) will you use to reach your goals?

Good content can make that first-time web site visitor stay a while longer, reading your articles. It can lead to them becoming a free ambassador for your company; it can result in shares via social media sharing. Quality content sets your online music site ahead of the pack of other music sites. It can position you as a premium provider which can then enable you to gradually charge higher prices for your products and services leading to higher revenue. Yes there is no doubt about it, having quality content written by experienced Content Writers is a smart long-term strategic and financial decision!