How does Ardor Content work?

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Once you've logged in, you'll see a list of our products. These are all articles of varying length to match your needs.

  • 250+ Word Articles, perfect for MICRO BLOG posts or facebook updates,
  • 500+ Word Articles great for NICHE websites,
  • 1,000+ Word Articles for targetting those LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS
  • and the epic 2,500+ Word Article for super detailed AUTHORITY definiation.
Simply select the quantity of Articles you want for each word count and you're half way to fresh content.

Laser Targeted Traffic Generators

After selecting your products we ask you to define the exact topic and KEYWORD that you are chasing. We also ask for three optional LONGTAIL KEYWORDS to be sure that the content that our writers write is laser targeted to your NICHE.

For your approval

Our professional writers will research your niche and write an interesting and accurate article using both your KEYWORDS and your LONGTAIL KEYWORDS. As soon as they are finished we will notify you and ask for your approval and rating. The rating is so we can keep track of our Authors' work and ensure that we maintain the highest standards in quality writers. This is also your chance to have the Article amended. If there is anything you don't like or you would like added/removed/changed simply post a comment and it'll be sent directly to the Author. We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Traffic Generation

When you use your article, whether on a guest blog or your website or wherever, you can add the URL to your Ardor Content profile. This not only helps you show what Articles you used and where, but it also gives you a top grade BACKLINK to your content which will help it get indexed quicker by the search engines and send traffic to your website.