Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Ardor Content?
    We are quite simply a Content Marketing service designed to save you time & money, generate more traffic for your website, help you better engage with your customers and most importantly increase Your income.

    What is Content Marketing?
    Content marketing is the technique of creating interesting and engaging content to attract new visitors, build new relationships and create new customers.

    How can you increase my income?
    Every day the average American is bombarded with 1,724 advertisements. People have gone blind to Conventional marketing (TV ads, Radio Ads, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads) that is pushy and in your face.

    Content Marketing is about providing the content that people are already searching for, engaging with them and gently nudging them into your sales funnel

    How do I get started hiring Writers?
    Click Here to create a free account! Then simply select the Word Count that suits you best

    What is My Word Count?
    Your Word Count is the amount of Words you have available in your account. You then split these up into the the Article sizes you need

    What size Articles can I have written?
    We provide Article sizes to fit every need
    • 200 - 250 Words
    • 500 - 550 Words
    • 1,000 - 1,100 Words
    • 1,500 - 1,650 Words
    • 2,000 - 2,200 Words

    How quickly can I get new content?
    We pride ourselves on snappy service and with our huge team of full-time professional Writers, we are able to provide, reliable, consistent and fast service. We can normally have an article written for you in under 48 Hours.

    Can I specify the topic of the Article?
    Yes! We ask you to specify the topic or the primary keyword that you want the Article to focus on. We also ask for 3 (optional) long tail keywords. This will help our Writers tailor make the content to fit your needs.

    Can I send instructions to the Writer?
    Yes! Yes! Yes! The more information that you give our Writers the better job that they can do. We ask you for detailed instructions so our Writers can write you the perfect article.

    Can I review the Writer's work?
    Yes! We will notify you the second a Writer completes your task. You'll have a chance to review their work, give them feedback and ask for changes.

    How long do I have to review the Writer's work?
    Our Writers want to get paid so we need to limit your review time. We give you 72 hours from the time the Writer submits the piece of work to ask for any changes or leave feedback.

    Can I send feedback to the Writer?
    Yes! We strongly encourage you to leave feedback for the Writers. This is how they know they are doing a fantastic job and what you want them to focus on for their next article.

    Do you ever spin content?
    NO! All of our content is guaranteed to be 100% unique, high quality content that was written specifically for you by our professional Writers.

    Should I spin my content?
    NO! Article Spinning is a Black Hat SEO technique. It may have worked in the past but now it can get you into serious trouble with Google.

    Can you guarantee the content is original?
    Yes! Every one of our Articles is passed through CopyScape the premier service for detecting duplicate content and determining if articles are original. Click Here for more details.

    What is the free WordPress plugin?
    Our WordPress plugin is a free tool that You install on your blog. It makes it super simple to send orders to our Writers and have the content automatically posted to your blog. You can even automate your Content Marketing by scheduling how often you would like content created. Click Here for more information.

    What is an API key?
    The API (Application Programming Interface) key is used by our WordPress to gain you access to your account. You can find your API key by logging into your account here and clicking on My Profile.

    What does generate API key do?
    This will generate a new API key for your account. Any blogs that you have setup using the old API key will not be able to access your account.

    Where can I get the free WordPress plugin?
    Click Here to download the plugin and follow our easy setup guide.

    Do you offer an affiliate program?
    Yes! But our affiliate program is only available to professional businesses. Please contact us for more details.

    I have an idea to make Ardor Content better...
    We would love to hear from you with any comments or suggestions. And if we decide to implement your amazing idea we'll credit your account with 1,000 free words!